BVB: Anthony Modeste Celebrates Victory in Court – Managing Director Ordered to Repay 350,000 Euros


The handling director of an energy drink producer needs to repay the football professional Anthony Modest from Borussia Dortmund 350,000 euros.
A civil chamber of the Bonn district court chose.
In September 2017, Modest had actually contractually concurred with the firm from Sankt Augustin that he was permitted to drive out its beverage cans specifically in France.

For this, Modest, back then still in the service of 1. FC Cologne, paid a license fee of 250,000 euros and an additional 100,000 euros for a first set of the drink.
When the goods were still not delivered in July 2019, Modest revealed the contract without notification as well as complained to the repayment of the cash before the area court.
In his opinion, as a pure exterior without the actual business history, the GmbH was just made to take money via a snowball system.
The civil chamber provided the lawsuit.
The beverage producer was mostly interested in the level of recognition as well as the marketing efficiency of the football celebrity.
The firm is now insolvent.