Cook Goldflame Tajine with Dekya: A Special Dish of Delhi in Genshin Impact

DeKay, also an intense mane, understood under the label, earned a credibility for herself even among the most well known hermits of the desert.
Her portfolio of success consists of the work of the bodyguard of Dunyarzad, assistance in conserving the Pedro arching and the donation of their savings seeking children.


Delay can a lot, so a little food preparation will never ever be a problem.
Its special dish is called Main Golden Flame, a variety of opulent Main.

How to obtain a dish for a special Delhi recipe in Gen shin Influence

You can obtain a recipe for an opulent Main by acquiring it from a merchant named Ayala in the village of ARU for 5000 Morey.
This is a one-time acquisition that will certainly allow you to cook as several meals as well as their variants as feasible.
Do not forget to examine the recipe with supply or cooking menu.

Just how to prepare Gold flame Taine in Genshin Impact

You can prepare Battle Soul on any kind of plate.
Using Dee.
It is difficult to prepare a special recipe if you have not pulled for it.
Engage with any kind of bonfire or oven to open the food preparation food selection and also choose an opulent Tajnkotye can be prepared from the complying with active ingredients:
x2 raw meat
X2 Disarm
X1 spices
X1 onions
Flavors can be refined utilizing Harry Fruit, and also onions can be acquired in regular shops.
An opportunity for her to make Gold flame Taine instead if DeKay prepares an opulent Main.
The specific speed of food preparation unique recipes is unidentified, however it works both in handbook and also automated food preparation settings.

The distinction in between the gilded Main and the Main of the Golden Fire in Genshin Impact

Both of these recipes will raise the maximum health and wellness reserve of the group, which makes it helpful for personalities that need a great deal of health and wellness in fight, such as Thinly, HU Tao as well as Dacha.
Gilded Tajin-increases Max.
HP of all members of the group at 20/22/25 percent for 300 secs.
Golden Fire Tajin-increases Max.
HP of all participants of the team by 30 percent for 300 seconds.
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