All Injuries in Arcane Odyssey for Roblox and How to Treat Them

Mysterious Odyssey for Roblox is a video game filled up with magic, in which you go on a trip to the seas full of disputes.
There are different kingdoms, buildings, a lot of craft and the same number of adversaries that you require to eliminate.
During these fights, you will eventually get an injury.

What are the injuries as well as just how to treat them?
Review listed below to learn.

Kinds Of Arcane Odyssey’s methods as well as injuries to treat them

If you are too much or also commonly got involved in battle, injuries can occur to you.
If you do not allow them live, these injuries have a lengthy effect on future battles.
By default, they are gradually treated with maximum wellness.
If you have much less than half of your health, your injuries may worsen.
Death as well as revival do not drop your injury.
You can have just one sort of injury throughout the whole injury time.


  • Leg injury: depending on severity, makes you run 50 % slower, limping at a step.
  • Being injury: triggers damages when dropping from any elevation with a sound effect.
    Damages differ depending upon severity, as well as greater severity makes you be stunned for a percentage of time when touchdown.
    Landing with this injury will not aggravate the circumstance.
    Because it almost never ever heals naturally.
  • Bowl injury: depending on seriousness, it makes you leap and leap up to 75% lower.
  • Back injury: pressures you to obtain as much as 25% even more damages from all resources, depending on seriousness.
  • Breast injury: you get random ruptured of damage, which are more powerful depending upon seriousness.


just how to cure them

Although that these injuries heal gradually, with maximum health, depending upon severity, food as well as remedy can treat them quicker and even quickly.
It will reveal you the seriousness of the injury and exactly how to cure it if you bring the arrow for injury.
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