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Negan is Manhattans Most Wanted Man in New The Walking Dead: Dead City Trailer | Lauren Cohan & Jeffrey Dean Morgan Return

Referred to as a miniseries, the show will certainly consist of six episodes. The Strolling Dead author and manufacturer Eli Borne gets on board as showrunner. Karina Ortiz, Marina Napoleon, Jonathan Higginbotham, Caleb Reese Paul, Charlie Solis, Aida Kendrick, Eleanor Lassa, and Michael Anthony compose several of the supporting cast. Randy Gonzalez, David Chen, John Wu, Alex Hugh, Alex Born, as well as Trey Santiago-Hudson additionally star.

In an additional shot, Gains Charles’s Pearlie Armstrong stands up a desired poster birthing Began’s face, prior to an action-packed mosaic appears our lead characters shielding from raining zombies. Seriously?! Walkers are dropping from the skies currently, Began jokes, as Maggie and also another yet-to-be-revealed personality take a look at him in disbelief.

Began is Manhattan’s a lot of wanted man in the most up-to-date trailer for The Strolling Dead: Dead City. In the new intro, which you can watch above, Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan reunite as their characters laid out to locate Maggie’s son Hershel, who’s been abducted as well as required to a run-down New York City.

The Walking Dead: Dead City is readied to premiere on AMC sometime in June. For a lot more on the ever-expanding apocalypse-set franchise business, inspect out our how to view The Walking Dead overview if you’re considering seeing or rewatching the major series, Concern the Strolling Dead, and a lot more.

You’re the secret to getting him back, Maggie informs Began after Hello Ivan’s strange The Croat snatches the youngster, who, it deserves keeping in mind, seems much older than the Hershel we last saw in The Walking Dead period 11. (AMC confirmed there would certainly be a time dive between the major program as well as this back in January 2023).


If you would certainly rather look in advance, have actually a researched every one of the upcoming Strolling Dead spin-offs announced thus far.

We likewise get a glimpsed at a properly revolting looking walker, that seems to have actually almost broken down beyond recognition. Best think it’s still starving for human flesh, though!