Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Uncovering the History and Origin of the Mysterious Pouka

Everybody is discussing the Destiny 2 tutorial creatures because they appeared in the game for the very first time with Beyond Light.
Nearly every person wished to have their very own Polka or just found out more regarding him.
Yet while the light and darkness saga pertains to an end, we ultimately discover a lot more regarding the mystical animal.
In enhancement to the subdivisions of Fate 2 coastline, which we uncover in Nightfall, the Polkas will certainly be understood once again after the ex Complete stranger has actually revealed us their Polka in Fate 2 Beyond Light.

So why does the Ex Unfamiliar person have one?
Where are you from?
What are you?
Every one of this is responded to below.

What is a Polka in Fate 2?

A Polka in Fate 2 is a little, fishing-like creature in the air airborne.
It is a slim, silver creature that provides sound but apparently can not connect.


These animals are one of minority extraterrestrial creatures in the Fate universe that we have actually seen, which are not hostile to the gamer as well as are not based upon a genuine creature.
They were presented in the Beyond Light growth, where we saw The Ex Complete stranger (Elsie Bray) with one, although we have actually never communicated with them.

What is the beginning of the Polkas in Fate 2?

The Polkas seem ahead from Nominal to Neptune as well as might have been created by the Cloud Striders from Destiny 2.
You have the exact same silver modern technology as well as the very same layout that we can see on the Cloudstriders and also in the entire city.
We do not recognize exactly how Elsie procured a Polka, however the logical description is that on her journeys with our universe as well as in time, she has either visited Nominal or was elsewhere where Polkas and also possibly Cloud Striders
Nightfall needs to supply a lot more information concerning the Polkas and also their origin.
Many thanks to the Polka fishpond of Fate 2, which lies on Nominal, we will certainly also see Polkas up close.
This is all we understand concerning the Polka animals of Fate 2.
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