60 euros for old games? New Naruto game confuses anime

In 2023 a brand-new Naruto video game shows up.
The brand-new branch of the preferred Ultimate Ninja Tornado collection existed during a State of Play.
The very first trailer creates some complication among followers.
We sum up the state of events.

the supreme Naruto experience

Whether as an anime, video or manga video game: Naruto is an assurance of success!
The tale of the young Ninja has actually already produced some popular games.
The Ultimate Ninja Tornado collection, which was currently beginning on PlayStation 3, is particularly popular.
In the meanwhile, four components as well as 2 spin-offs have been launched and also this year with Naruto X Boru to Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections another descendant will certainly be released.
You can see the very first trailer here:
Naruto X Boru to Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections
But just what is Connections?
A sequel, a spin-off, a remaster?
Many fans have not actually become clever from the first trailer.
This is likewise highlighted by the countless discuss YouTube as well as Twitter:

So you took Ninja Tornado Legacy, packed it right into a game, Indra and Ahura added 2 brand-new personalities and called it a new video game.

I have the feeling that it can have been a DLC….

This is not what I had expected… I was wishing that we would obtain a brand new Boru to Storm game….
As a matter of fact, initially glimpse, it seems Connections were just a PS5 port from Legacy, which is already incorporated the first four parts.

Proceeded, spin-off or remaster?

However, it is not that easy.
Rather, Connections is the finest of the previous video games that are now a whole.
Technically supplied and polished with some new material.
These include a brand-new tale and also new personalities from the Boru to era.
Checking out tip.


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Daniel Bold.
Connections are not a totally brand-new game, however a new experience.

Similar to some films receive a Supervisor’s Cut that recently set up scenes and offers added material.
Naruto X Boru to Ultimate Ninja Tornado Links will appear in 2023 for the PS4, the PS5, the Xbox One, the Xbox Collection X | s, the Nintendo Switch and the PC.
An exact release date has not yet been figured out.