Love is in the Air: Experience the Overwatch 2 Dating Simulator on Valentines Day!


Valentine’s Day is a time for the flourishing of romance, brave confessions and that little healing.
Blizzard has given us precisely that when launching Lover watch, a quotation simulator that allows us to show our elegant side by courting some of the most famous heroes of Overwatch.
Interested in knowing who could include?
Let’s deepen all Lover watch characters: the Overwatch 2 dating simulators.

Who are the characters with which you can go out in Lover watch?

Image source: lover watch.GG
In Lover watch, you can choose to go out with any mercy or genii.
As is the case with any dating simulator, the result at the end of the session will depend on how well you handle your question line.
You will travel between several places, you will know the character better and read his reactions on how you respond to his deepest and more dark secrets.
The intimate knowledge of Mercy’s career is the fastest way to reach her heart.
You do not need to have a doctorate, but take a moment to remember your story can avoid uncomfortable pauses in the conversation.
Genii is a hard root bone, and many of the options show that they only push it more towards his shell.
He is an emotional boy, our friend Cyborg Ninja, so pays attention to what he likes, and you can persuade him to trust you.

Are there other characters in Lover watch?

Image source: lover watch.GG
Depending on the route you take, you will also briefly meet with Ana or Kenyatta.
They appear in Chili and seem to have been very interested in your new friendship.
As they appear during the last stages of the game, it is possible that their interactions with them can mean the difference between success and failure.

With that, you have a cast of characters in your mind and a love arrow in your heart.
These are all the characters in Lover watch: the Overwatch 2 dating simulators to get your eyes and admire.
Anyone can guess if it will develop with more familiar faces;
Although this is not the first Lover watch, the fact that it is a limited time experience that coincides with a seasonal event suggests that it is all that we will obtain… for now!
Be sure to send your love to the Overwatch 2 guides below.
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