Overwatch 2: Cool Crossover with Popular Anime – In the Third Season, Experience an Exciting Anime-Sup Adventure with Blizzard!

The constantly bored manga hero, whose genuine name Santana is, defeats his challengers in his sleep, he needs just a single blow to change off even the strongest adversary.
Which Overwatch 2-hero would be more appropriate for an outfit based on the one punch male than Reinhold Doom fist?

In the course of the third season of Overwatch 2, Blizzard’s popular hero shooter gets an especially cool crossover.
With the cooperation, anime super held one punch is discovered his method into play.

Overwatch 2: Doom fist gets your own One Punch Man-Skin

In addition to the crossover with one punch you, a new map and a Valentine’s Day occasion for variety in Overwatch are guaranteed in the coming days.

The One Punch Man-Collabo is currently the 2nd that chooses up a bigger external franchise and brings thematically appropriate skins into the team shooter.
As early as 2019, Blizzard and the Lego Group came together to enable an element appearance for bastion and an in-game challenge in the original Overwatch.

Additional details are currently still under rigorous closure, however the group reveals that it announces more info on the joint project with the start of the 3rd season, which awaits us on the live servers today.

The stated skin is the very first special in-game material of the cool collaboration in between Overwatch 2 and One Punch Man.


The crossover event runs for an entire month, in between March 7th and April 6, Blizzard wishes to immerse his gamers to the world of Netflix much more popular with other skins and charging screens.

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