Activate the Statue in Hogwarts Legacy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Completing the Electronic Maneuver Side Quest

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can perform various side quests that contain various types of puzzles.


An electronic maneuver Side quest is one of them, and you can start this quest by interacting with Alta Twiddle in the Iron dale settlement.
She talks about the puzzle nearby in which there is a statue, and you need to know how to activate this statue.
Here’s how to activate the statue in the E-VASE-ID MANEUVER quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Alta Twiddle is located in the Iron dale settlement in the Field croft region.
Interact with it to learn more about the statue and start the quest.
As soon as this is done, you must go to the southern part of the Field croft region to find this statue.
Check the yellow circle on the image of the card above to see the exact location of this statue.
Use your broom to fly to the place, and you will see that the statue is standing with your hands crossed.
You need to activate this statue by destroying all the ancient vases to lie on the territory.

How to activate the statue in Hogwarts Legacy

When you get to the place shown in the image above, start using Revelry to detect all ancient vases around this area.
Vases will become blue every time you use Revelry.
After that, all you need to do is simply destroy these vases.
You can destroy any of the vases using the main composition.
There are 20 vases in total, and you must destroy them all to activate the statue successfully.
The best way to find these statues is to continue using Revelry.
As soon as the statue is activated, you will see how the wizard opens his hands and changes the pose.
After activating the statue, return to Madame Twiddle and interact with it to fulfill this quest in Hogwarts’s Heritage.
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