Solve Merlin Tests in Hogwarts Legacy: Unravel the Mysteries Behind the Puzzles and Challenges!

There are many puzzles and puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy, such as doors, assieres, statues, maze keys, etc.
But by far, the most common type of puzzle are Merlin’s evidence.
These challenges are literally throughout the open world map, as there are dozens of them.
Tests are not very difficult, but they are varied and sometimes require a little time to understand the principle.
See the types and how to solve Merlin tests in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to unlock Merlin’s tests?

Before you can face these challenges, you must complete a mission in the history of Merlin’s trial in one of the villages south of Hogwarts.
Don’t worry because it is a mission of the game.
She involves talking to Nora Tread well, facing some enemies and then using a plant, sweet Malta, in the floor standard on the floor.
This will activate the elements of the specific scenario of the event in question.
The following procedure depends on the corresponding trial.
The first one simply asks to light a series of bold with fire.
But each test can have different ways to solve.


Validate your first Merlin tests unlock additional slots in the equipment dedicated to the equipment.
You can collect them by opening the wizard’s guide, then the guide the challenges and exploration.
In addition to the extra spaces, complete the tests also yields experience.
Making all challenges is mandatory for those who want to platinum Hogwarts Legacy, as this unlocks the Merlin beards! Trophy.

Solution for Merlin Puzzles

Because there are dozens of challenges, and they have no specific names, it is difficult to quickly offer individual solutions to each of them.
However, be aware that everyone is based on a portion of models, with some variations related to the environment.
Use reverse to scan the environment and make the objects related to the test appear in blue.
In most cases, knowing which spell to launch offers the puzzle solution.
Here are some explanations for the different types of puzzles:
Small spheres in pillars: Just destroy them throwing them with the wand with R2.
The automatic target will do the rest.
Bases with 4 holes: You must find groups of 5 balls in the area to shoot to the base using Action.
There are usually 3 bases to fill with these balls.
The hardest thing is to find them: search high, or behind obstacles (stones to destroy or burn vines).
Use reverse and inspect the area well.


assieres erased in pillars: The answer is quite obvious, you need to light them, but you usually have too little time to do so.
This is often impossible without using the confringe spell, which Sebastian Sallow will teach you.
Then it is a matter of speed.
Automatic aim also helps.
Pool and giant ball: One of the easiest puzzles, just pull the big ball to the pool.

However, Action will not be enough in most cases, and you will need to use Wingardium Levies or deals to move the ball.
The ball, however, tends to stay far, even blocked in the scenario.
If there is a great inclination near the basin, go up, the ball has a good chance of being on top.
All you need to do is push it downhill.
Sometimes it happens that the pool is blocked by plants or stones.
Stones scattered across the floor: this time, it is the opposite of other evidence.
Use repair in the area, this will automatically reach the destroyed steals and restore them.
Use the spell repeatedly until all pillars are repaired.
Crystalline style and green butterflies: Use lumps with your wand to attract each group of butterflies to one of the steals to light them.
Usually 3. The principle is the same as the tables.
Stone Steals: Sometimes the answer is very simple, just use the violence to pass the test.
Confringe bid, bombard or other similar spells to turn them into powder.
White Stone Arches: You have to climb on one of the style, then walk in all the other white steels, without touching the floor.
It requires jumping or climbing in the right place.
When a style is activated, the ivy copper.
Pillar of stones with symbols: certainly the most complex puzzle.
You have to use flip end on the stone above, spinning the pillar to put it in the right direction.
The pattern on the pillar and stone must be identical on each side and in the same direction.
This requires positioning yourself on one side of the pillar sometimes when launching the spell.
You have to rotate in various directions.

How to get sweet Malta?

If you take a lot of Merlin tests, you are probably bound not to have the Malta sweet enough.
This plant is rarely crossed in nature.
You have to buy it from merchants, or rather cultivate it in the living room, once unlocked.

Progressed in the story, mount small flower pots and buy sweet mallow seeds in Hogsmeade, in the magic turnip.
All you need to do is stop regularly to get your plants.

Merlin test locations

As mentioned above, challenges really exist everywhere on the world map, and they are naturally displayed in the area if you increase zoom a little.
They are easily recognized for their leaf icon.