Com2uS Pro Baseball 2023: Club Daejeon Reorganization Update

Com2uS (CEO Jae-won Song, Jew Han Lee) UI Mo Bile Baseball Game Como mus Professional Baseball 2023 (hereinafter referred to as Come, 2023) has updated various contents such as the addition of the club Daemon before the full baseball season.


First, the club Daemon, a representative cooperative content in the game, comes to a new look.
The Club War is changed to a league elevator per week, and six clubs will compete once a day in a league.
Based on the results of the fifth round, the first and second clubs will be the first to be the first place on Saturday, and the third to sixth clubs can participate in the game forecast.

A new player prediction mode was also added to add fun to the club war.
The user can predict what records their players will make in the club Daemon, and can be rewarded if they are successful.
In addition, the club store has been added to the company’s unique capacity change, Platinum coach pack, and the best team selection packs, and the club competition is also raised.

In addition, five new S grades were added, each of the pitchers and batters.
The batter has an S-grade to the overwhelming feeling, captain, superstar, key batters, veteran skills, and the pitchers for rising fastballs, captains, superstars, eight-colored tones and veteran skills.
In line with this, the high-quality awakening item will be added to open the Legend Player-specific exclusive ability to S.

In addition, a new coin exchange has been introduced to exchange eight types of coins in Company 2023, including ranking coins, guerrilla coins, and home run coins.
The campy coin obtained from the exchange can be used for purchasing a variety of items that change every month or week at a coin store.