When Does Hogwarts Legacy Take Place in Wizarding History?

Did you start playing Hogwarts Legacy, but don’t you recognize almost any of the names of the characters you interact?
This is because the game is not at the same time as Harry Potter’s movies and books.
Avalanche software developers seem to have really endeavored to ing a similarity to the universe we know through the scenarios and some characters names.
However, you will not see the famous Wizard of glasses in the game, or even the villain Voldemort.
ATTENTION: This article may contain spoilers of the game.

Arrival with Hogwarts

Led by Professor Eleazar Fig, we embody a student who should start his studies at the Hogwarts school directly in the 5th grade.
We found, then, that we can control a very old magic that, obviously, is rare.
More or less like Harry Potter, our character can use this magic to discover secret passages within the school, and fight enemies like Rank or Victor Rook wood.

But in what year are we?

In the official trailer of the game, the daily prophet newspaper presented by George Eric displayed the date of September 1, 1890.
However, if you notice, the date in question has completely disappeared from the game it should be early in our adventure-which made the players confused about the timeline.

Even with the disappearance of this date, other information found in the game confirms that the game takes place in mid-1800s.

Other tracks

By grouping some clues left in the game, we found that scenario still happens in the 1890s. We learned, for example, that Professor Aesop Sharp was an Aurora in 1875 before coming to Hogwarts.
The biggest track is the various posters of the 1892 World Quidditch Cup aired by the school.
Difficult to give an exact date for the moment, but the 1890s is a good track.


So if you are still wondering, Hogwarts Legacy takes place 100 years before the return of Harry Potter and his friends to the Witchcraft School (1991), or even 36 years before the events of the movie Fantastic Animals (1926).
However, even if the game goes on an unknown time of saga fans, you’ll find ancestors from famous characters like Matilda Weasley, the deputy director, and her nephew Garrett Weasley, as well as Fines Nigel Black or Minis Gaunt (Ancestor de
Morfin Gaunt).