A Nostalgic Look Back At Harry Potter & The Sorcerers Stone Before Hogwarts Legacy Release

Hold the world of Harry Potter in a computer game: Numerous designers have tried to do this in front of Hogwarts Legacy-rarely with success.
The fate of the magic student is practically terrible: 28 titles about his life story have been released in the past almost twenty years.
Real highlights were not there.
Sure, there are the Lego applications, but nothing in the size of a Jedi Knight or Battle for Middle-earth, the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings on the computer screen.


In the recent past, the Warding World has made negative headings.
The Mobile Game Hogwarts Mystery was slammed for a sophisticated monetization design.
You pay in between 34 and 51 euros to play an hour at a time!
In front of it, Harry Potter for Kine ct or Quidditch World Cup got under the wheels.
Not to mention the numerous tie-in video games, so play the movie.
Deathly, sanctuaries sticks out as the worst part of the entire franchise, with an unbelievable average ranking of 38 points.
Only one game is actually remembered: Harry Potter and the stone of the sensible (buy now), which still takes a special place in the hearts of numerous fans today.
And how does the video game deal with 20 years old?
We desire to take a more detailed take a look at that in the retro unique.

variations of confusion

At the start, nevertheless, a few terms have to be clarified: What stone-the-way video game do we really speak about?
There are four of them, established for four various platforms each and four completely different studios.
At that time, ports were just not as popular as it is today.
Appropriately, they all play totally different: On the Video Game Kid Color, Stein her Waken looked like a classic round-based role-playing video game in the style of Final Fantasy, on the Video Game Kid Advance as a top-down puzzle.
A third-person action adventure based on the Unreal Engine 1 existed on the PC.
Harry Potter and the stone of the sensible: A fond memories trip to Hogwarts (3) Source: PC Games We look at the PlayStation 1 variation.
That was without a doubt the most widespread and for that reason also best understood of all.
Although it is based upon the same early idea arts as her sibling on the PC, it continued to wander down in the course of the graphic, gameplay and scope.

The responsible studio of Argonauts depended on an in-house video game engine with which the 3D-Jump ‘n’ Run Croc had actually previously been executed.
Learning spells works by means of Quick-Time event, not through the COALMINES game.
And even story and game world deal distinct sections that do not exist on other platforms.
Harry Potter and the stone of the wise: A nostalgia journey to Hogwarts (6) Source: PC Games
It was a long way till stone of the wise guys could be played at all.
The story of the origin had plenty of stumbling blocks: on the one bustle, hand and hustle triggered the release.
The video game must begin together with the motion picture on November 16, 2001.
So there were only simply under twelve months to get it ready.
Organizationally, production was also an absolute mess.
Argonauts worked for Electronic Arts, which in turn was commissioned by Warner Bros.
And after that they had to be with the entourage around author J.K.
Coordinate Rowling.
Means: Each design choice went through 3 instances, all of which needed to authorized separately, that everything that had been prepared for the game was actually okay.
Pure bureaucracy!
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