Eddie Murphy Wants To Give Donkey Her Own Movie – Heres What We Know So Far

In recent weeks it seems that the Shrek franchise has had a rebirth, that is due to the premiere of El Cat with Boots: the last desire, especially for its scene of the end that indicates the return of the Ogre franchise.
On the other hand, an actor who wants to return to these films is Eddie Murphy, who at the time has given a voice to donkey.

In a recent interview he mentioned the following about returning as his character:

It would be absolutely open if they ever came with another Shrek, I would do it in two seconds.
I love Donkey.
You know, they made El Cat movies with boots… they should have made a donkey movie.
Donkey is more fun than the cat with boots.
I love the cat with boots, but it is not more fun than donkey.
For now DreamWorks has not confirmed that Shrek will return officially, but the loose pieces and speculations imply that this year will give an important announcement of the saga.
The donkey movie can be unlikely, but seeing Murphy returning to the character is possible because the stage for Shrek 5 is clear.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: It would be good to have the old return group of characters, more with the dubbing of our region.


We will see in the year if DreamWorks is willing to give the saga a second air.