DualSense Edge Controller Review: How Much Power Does Sonys New Professional Controller Have?

You will receive an perfect controller if you buy a PlayStation 5.
The engines in the rear keys are especially fascinating, which, for instance, imitate the withdrawal of weapons motor.
Many console gamers want more: more individualizability, more secrets, more efficiency.
Sony has now responded with the Danseuse Edge Controller.
The objective: to establish a controller for the Profligate area, which likewise provides casual players included worth.

Dual sense Edge Controller: Lies effectively in the hand

The controller lies in a contemporary protective bag in which all accessories can likewise be accommodated.
This ensures safe transport to the next tournament.
Cool feature: With a USB cable television, the controller can likewise be packed in the closed product packaging.


The great craftsmanship and the rather higher weight instantly discover if you select up the double sen sense Edge.
In combination with brand-new, non-slip inner surface areas, the controller is extremely well in the hand-better than its little standard sibling.

Dual sense Edge Controller: Numerous adaptation choices

In addition to the standard caps for the motion controls-or also called trigger-two high and low round caps are consisted of.
These can be integrated in a couple of easy steps and the primary step into the adaptation alternatives.
There are no high and low basic caps-i.e. not with the external however interior curvature-included.
A new feature is the back buttons that can be connected to the underside of the controller.
Depending upon the length of the finger and preference, the semicircular buttons or extended levers are.
Here, too, the user can choose which of the two buttons he wishes to utilize per page.
Instantly there are 2 more buttons near the fingers: we press these in the video game at any time to open a context menu.
In it, we can quickly switch in between four profiles in which we can freely determine the key project.
When the controller first contacts lead us through all possible changes, an in-depth program that we start with the PlayStation.
After a little familiarization, we rapidly understood what can be changed-the software application becomes a powerful ally on the way of individualization.
In the preferred racing game, for example, we can put the circuit on the back buttons or in the Adventure God of War to utilize the superpowers on the X secret.
These are just basic examples, gamers have the chance to assemble their own crucial sets for each game.

dual sense edge controller: smart and contemporary function

The sensitivity of the sticks can likewise be changed, as can the vibration strength or the dead zones of the trigger.
In shooters, for example, we can switch off the servomotors and shorten the trigger response, which in particular ought to more than happy about tournament players, which are about perseverance and the fastest possible response times.