League of Legends: Uncovering the Regions With Less Than 10 Champions

Apart from the fun (and a little anger!) Provided by League of Legends to its players, something very interesting that Riot Games creates are the stories, blonds and contexts of its more than 160 champions.
Thus, fans can identify with the origins of the characters and choose which favorites are, something that usually helps this process and also separates the champions in different groups their regions: Runeterra, Ionic, Shrimp, Record, Jargon, Ital, Annapolis, Águas de Sentina, Dacia, Nexus, Shadow Islands, Faun, Plover and Empty.
However, the characters are not divided between them equally, so which regions of MOB deserve more champions and Riot’s attention?

Which regions of LOL have more or less champions?

Check out the table below that shows how many champions there are in each LOL region, it was organized according to the classifications that Riot attributes to the characters on the universe page.
As you can see from the table, six regions have less than 10 champions and certainly deserve more attention and characters from Riot Games: empty, plover, Águas de Sentina, Jargon, Annapolis and Ital.


Champions: Diana, Malachite, Need, Rear, Middle and Lyra
In 2019, when the release of Diana took place, also the region to which the champion belongs: Ital.
It is a region known for the dominance of elemental magic, isolated in the jungle and that it has survived not only to emptiness, but also to the Darwin.
They use their magic to keep intruders away.
This is a place that can yield amazing champions and very linked to nature.


Champions: Cork, Lulu, Rumble, Teems, Tristan, Hagar and Yuri
Known for being the home of many Hurdles, it is a certainly dangerous region for those who are not of this eed, especially for humans, who report that there is all more colorful, that food and drink their senses and that is possible even getting stuck there and who can leave, leaves much older because it spends years inside without even realizing it.
Who no longer wants Hurdles in LOL is crazy.


Champions: Aphelion, Leona, Diana, Pantheon, Soraya, Tarim and Zoe
Mount Jargon is the most imposing mountain of Runeterra and its surroundings have few residents.
It is virtually impossible to climb this gigantic tower of sun-hardened rocks, but those who survive the top and return with empty or imbued looks from a supernatural aspect that goes beyond humanity.
Mysterious and very magical champions can still be created having this place as its origin.

Águas de Sentina

Champions: Gangplank, Graves, Million, Miss Fortune, Nautilus, Nil ah, Pike and Twisted Fate
Located in the Azul Flame Islands archipelago, it is a port city full of mercenaries, gangs and smugglers from all over Runeterra.
It is very dangerous, but also full of opportunities, as it does not have a formal government or market regulation.


Champions: Caitlyn, Camille, Real, Harbinger, Jayce, ianna, Strafing and VI
One of Arcane’s protagonist cities, Lol’s animated series Plover has few playable characters in MOB, but several that could be ought to the game through animation as members of the city council.


Champions: Be’veto, CHO’Path, Kai’SA, Assassin, Khan’six, Dog’maw, Malabar, Red’SAI and Del’kHz
Void is the manifestation of the unattainable vastness of what lies beyond and also a force of insatiable appetite according to descriptions of Riot Games itself.


Although it is a completely scary place, it would be interesting to have more champions there.
Remember below the champions of the other regions:


Champions: HRI, Alkali, Relic, Vern, Join, Karma, Kay, Kennel, Lee Sin, Lillian, Master Yi, Hakan, Sett, Shen, Sandra, Virus, Kong, Ayah, Yahoo, One and Zed.


Champions: Matrix, Alistair, Annie, Aurelio Sol, Bard, and, Evelyn, Fiddlesticks, Pizza, Tax, Lucian, Name, Nocturne, Rye, Senna, Shack, Tam Bench, Clean and Kindred


Champions: Blitz, Dr World, Echo, Janna, Jinx, Renata, Singed, Twitch, Argot, Viktor, Warwick, Zac, Zero, Riggs


Champions: Cassiopeia, Darius, Driven, Katarina, Led, Leblanc, Mordekaiser, Well, Riven, Samira, Sion, Swain, Talon and Vladimir


Champions: Anita, Ashe, Baum, GEAR, Ragas, Cassandra, Nun and Will amp, Olaf, Oran, Segueing, Trundle, Tryndamere, UDR and Olivier


Champions: Flora, Gallo, Garden, Jar van IV, Kyle, Lux, Morgan, Poppy, Quinn, Havana, Son, Wayne, In Zhao and Silas


Champions: Khan, Alum, Air, K’Santa, ASUS, Ram mus, Benetton, Civil, Warner, Aliyah and Death

Shadow Islands

Champions: Elise, Gwen, Batista, Arthur, Mackie, Thresh, Vex, Diego, Yo rick and Heparin