Dysterra Season 2 Update: New Areas, Firearms, and More For Solo Players

Aka Games (CEO CHO Tae-hyun) announced on the 3rd that it has been updating season 2 on the PC survival FPS game ‘Hysteria’ by Reality Magic (CEO Kim Sung-kyun).

First, for solo users, new regions, underground bunkers, hyena underground caves, and new firearms were added.
In new areas, it is possible to produce various items with materials that have not been collected before, and have been improved to collect high grade ingredients alone.

In addition, the ‘residence protection system’ was introduced for users who were new to the game.
New users have been added to be able to adapt to ‘Mystery’ safely while being protected from threats from other users for a certain period of time.


In addition, various convenience reorganization updates were also made.
When selecting each server, you can check the details of the information, and the mode is also added for UX improvement for a one-on-one conversation, user blocking function, and server and username.

Aka Games will hold a discount event until the 10th ‘Weekend Free Play’ until February 7th so that more users can enjoy ‘Dist era’.

The multiplayer survival FPS game, which is based on the dystopian worldview of the abandoned earth, is characterized by the fact that it has elements of survival games such as gathering, production, construction, etc. as well as a thrilling shooting-based combat system.

In addition, it supports both PVP, EVE and single mode, and you can enjoy the wide world of ‘Mystery’ by preferred by users.

Detailed information on ‘Deter’ can be found on the official brand page, the Steam community, and the official Discord.