Maegu Balance Update And New Events Come To Black Desert Online This Week

Black Desert Online modifies Taegu and other classes, continues adding more practical UI changes, fixes a variety of concerns, and begins a brand-new round of occasions.

She uses an illusory duplicate to distract and puzzle her opponents and this style does not have a back action defense, so each of her skills has been changed to balance the damage dealt to counteract the brand-new problem provided by her play style.

When it pertains to PVP, especially large-scale PVP like Conquest Wars, her attack damage has been stabilized with a decrease because she was a little too powerful since she casts damage in a vast array. This is not the beginning of balance for the new character, because while she shines in PVP and her EVE damage stays the exact same, Pearl Void prepares some enhancements to her abilities and another look at balance over the coming weeks.

The weeks occasion, under Guild & Life skill week, are developed for progression and perks. There’s Dongles Prismatic Tickets, which let you get ticket entries into a prize draw, with some guaranteed benefits readily available too. Liana Lost Luggage will let you get your hand kid devices with TRI (III) Manor equivalent stats. Taegu also gets ongoing events to assist you level her up also.

After the last series of major updates, today is more of a spot for repairs and smaller sized lifestyle enhancements. Several classes get tweaks and fixes, but Taegu gets some modifications much like her sibling prior to her. When it concerns balance for the current of the Twin Class sis, She’s lastly had a little time to settle in and required some balance due to her distinct design that is new to Black Desert.

A few of the other changes in the spot include a variety of fixes, including corrected text, error messages, and an improvement that lets you skip the animation when you are using ability add-ons.


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