How To Get Moments Stars In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: A Comprehensive Guide

Here, you will have the ability to open Moments Stars in return for some huge rewards.

If you head to the Play tab in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team menus, you will find a brand-new tab named ‘Moments’.


What are Moments Stars, and how can you in fact get them? Find out listed below.

What are Moments Stars?

Moment Stars in FIFA 23 are basically tokens that you can trade in for benefits.

A Gold Pack and a Premium Gold Load will be on offer at all times in the ‘Browse’ tab, whilst the ‘Seasonal’ rewards change at the start of every new season in FUT.

The Star Gallery shows you which rewards are on offer.

The Star Gallery is the left-most tile inside the Moments menu.

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The ‘Seasonal’ tab is where you will discover the more premium rewards.

In addition to Moments, there are likewise the traditional Objectives in Ultimate Team that will amount to your XP points and FIFA Coins.

You will have the possibility to invest your Moment Stars on any rewards you so please, consisting of packs and often Swaps Tokens.

How to get Moments Stars

Each project consists of numerous tasks and completing each job rewards you with one or 2 Minute Stars.

All you require to do is head to the Moments tab and click through up until you see the tasks on your screen.

Then, you’ll require to complete the mini-game jobs in order to open the defined variety of Moments Stars.

Getting Moments Stars in Ultimate Team is pretty uncomplicated.