Referee Ning Ma Makes History By Explaining Video Evidence Through Stadium Speakers

For a long period of time in the game of the currently running FIFA Club World Cup in Morocco between the Egyptian club Amenably Cairo and Auckland City from New Zealand (3-0) had to be awaited the Opening night.
It took the 7th minute of stoppage time prior to the Chinese referee King Ma had actually finished his TV research studies on the side of the side and got in the square again.
And after that football history composed: Due to the fact that he announced the result of the video evidence through his headset to the stadium speakers, so that the 47,137 viewers could comprehend the choice.
And he discussed that there was no penalty for Plenary since the foul to be checked outside the charge location had actually been dedicated.

The nervousness was not noticeable.
The 43-year-old’s voice encountered a bit breakable, and his English was not always clear throughout his approximately ten-hour speech.
However, eventually King Ma brought the opening night without a mistake.
Because of an emergency situation brake at the nasty quickly prior to the charge location, and right away appeared determined once again when he showed Auckland’s Adam Mitchell.

test stage over a year in main worldwide video games

King Mas name will constantly be specified in history.
Another milestone for the FIFA elite referee from the huge kingdom of the middle.
The 43-year-old whistles worldwide considering that 2015, as the 2nd Chinese after Lu Jun in 2002 he made the leap to a World Cup.
Nevertheless, in 2022 he was just used as the 4th official at the World Cup in Qatar.
In mid-January, the International Football Association Board (IFA) chose that describing the video evidence via microphone should be evaluated.
The test phase is restricted to one year, the explanation via loudspeaker is mostly meant to be utilized in worldwide video games.
In addition, interaction between the video assistants and the field referee itself is not interacted, only the decision made should be explained to the fans.
In the nationwide leagues, it remains very first that only the factor for the review and the choice about the video screens are communicated.


In other sports such as ice hockey or Football, the description of the decisions through microphone and loudspeaker has long been typical.