Conquer The World: All The Tricks You Need To Know For Age Of Empires II Definitive Edition On Xbox Console

The time has come to conquer the world for reason or strength.
AGE OF EMPIRES II DEFINITIVE EDITION It is also available on Xbox consoles, as well as browsers and mobiles through Xbox Cloud Gaming.
And despite the fact that the true grace of the game is to learn on the march, it never hurts to have a couple of hidden killers under the sleeve and some help.
Or two.
In Sinatra we are going to help you to squeeze the game to the fullest, whether you come from new and if you want to change the mouse of a lifetime for Microsoft’s command.
Our starting point?
Let’s start with the most fun: the traps!

How to activate the traps in Age of Empires II of Xbox

Knowing the codes that activate the traps and guarantee unlimited resources, absurd advantages and invincible armies is very good.


Knowing how to activate them is even better.
The process, as you will see, is very simple.
It has a requirement that is pure logical and, despite all the advantages, there is an aspect that will interest you to take into account.
From the outset, the traps only work in the modes enabled to use traps.
In essence, personalized campaigns, slavers and experiences without a competitive component.
But in addition, and for logic reasons, we must enable them from the game settings (from advanced adjustments) as you can see in the following image.
From there the process is even simpler: by Caesar the game (menu button in the command) we will see an option called conversation and diplomacy.
Basically, it serves to communicate with our allies and enemies, but if you play only its purpose is much more interesting: enable traps.
Once the chat window is opened, as you can see continuation, you simply have to write the trap you want to apply with the virtual keyboard that will appear on the screen, and it will be activated instantly, leaving us record of the effect.
A little below you will find all the codes and their effects.
Said which, there is a collateral effect that has its logic: as described in the chat (in this case, in English) the achievements of the game and the progress to achieve them will be paused while the effect of the trap is in use.
It’s fair.

All Age of Empires II traps for Xbox

Next you will find each Age of Empires II trap for Xbox and its advantage organized by the type of effect.

Map viewing



The entire map is shown.
If you write it again the map is hidden

The war fog disappears.
If you write it again, the fog returns

Resources and raw material



You receive 10,000 units of each resource

Robin Hood
You receive 1,000 gold units

Cheese Steak Jimmy’s
You receive 1,000 food units

You receive 1,000 units of wood

Rock ON
You receive 1,000 stone units

Special units



invokes the flying shark

Photon Man
invokes Photon Man, a kind of astronaut

How do You Turn This On

Furious The Monkey Boy
invokes the son of the furious monkey, a primate

I don’s exist
invokes a penguin

Alpaca Simulator
invokes Alfred the Alpaca, an APROCA

I Love The Monkey Head
VMDL appears, a kind of mannequin

to Smithereens
A sabotage appears

Woof, Woof
Change the birds of the game for dogs with layers

Instant management



I r winner
Want the game instantly

You lose the game instantly

Construction, collection and instant improvements.
It affects all factions and AI

Natural Wonders
You will control nature.
This trap is irreversible once activated

Disable the teasing

No mute
reactive the teasing after deactivating them

Traps for combat



torpedo + [write a number between 1 and 8]

Black Death
All other factions /players die, bowing the allies

Automatic defeat by own annihilation

As additional reference.
There is no capital and lowercase distinction when writing the traps.

The essential: how Age of Empires is controlled in Xbox with command

The two big changes (or differences) of Age of Empires II Definitive Edition for Xbox against the PC version are its greatest success: a completely redesigned interface and a total use of the command.
Logically, new players are guided from the beginning and only those who are accustomed to the mouse and keyboard must be done to novelty.
Luckily, in this review we also have them present.

The new game interface

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition eliminates the boxes but does not give up offering the same information on the screen as on PC.
In the upper area you have the resources and a general view of the shortcuts.
In addition, you can expand and play directly on the map with the RB button.

General controls

The funny thing is that unlike the shooters, in this game the use of the sticks is the opposite: you move the camera with the left and manage the zoom with the right.
That said, you can customize it to taste.

Deployment of general actions, And how are the actions performed?

Basically, deploying the submenus with the triggers.
With very simple gestures you can establish actions that in PC need to go down to the boxes.
You lose that precision, but once you get the trick to covering it is much more dynamic and simple.

The key to victory: customizes controls and shortcuts

As we commented just above, you have an absurd amount of options and alternatives to adjust the control scheme to your liking.
But there does not end the thing: you can accommodate the sticks for specific instructions or create direct shortcuts and access.
Although, it is best to have a common system to use any civilization, a lethal tool is to accommodate the shortcuts to the unique bonuses and tools and units of each civilization before the game.
Something that, definitely, will be learned with the essay and the error based on playing.
In fact, the same applies to other adjustments such as the presentation if your TV is very far you can adjust the size of the texts or activate a narrator to describe notifications and actions.
There are lots of possibilities and yes, there is also a mode for Daltonism.

How can I use the mouse and keyboard at Xbox

Although the wonder command has been implemented, we are likely to prefer to use the mouse and keyboard.
The good news is that this edition is not only prepared for it, but also alternating between both systems is simple and automatic: once you update the console, the only thing you should keep in mind is that they are plugged in.

Unless they are connected by Bluetooth.
However, it is worth remembering that although Age of Empires II definitive Edition also works through the cloud game, it is not yet compatible with mouse and keyboard.
Although there are plans to make it in the future.

Do you want challenges?

Get ready for the art of war
Age of Empires II Definitive Edition offers a lot of civilizations around the world with their own stories, but the most fun is that there is a huge variety of content created in a specific way: in addition to the campaigns are the historical battles, the art of the art of the
war and even cooperative campaigns.
While all options are interesting, the art of war-inspired in the book of the same name-is an exquisite review of all the milestones of the game and, in the process, the best academy before launching online.

Create rooms to taste and learn from the best

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition offers tons of hours of play, but where the thing can be faint in its multiplayer.
It will be to accommodate the controls with command, we are not going to deny it, but the good news is that you can improvise skirmishes or learn with other experts thanks to cooperative modes and even the cross game with PC.
Which, by the way, can be activated or deactivated.
The good thing about the creator of Salas is that you can establish the filters and the conditions that you want.
You can make them public, private or access through password.
The game lends itself wonderful to create your own tournaments and even takes into account that there are spectators or the delay in minutes.
On the other hand, among the multiplayer options we have fast, scoring (qualifier) games a room search engine and, most interesting: a spectator mode.
If there is any map or civilization that is resisted, you will always find the answers and the key to victory.
Finally, we cannot fail to recommend that you give yourself a walk through the enormous variety of maps, including special and even based on the real world.
It might seem to overwhelm, but once you get caught the trick, the only thing that will cost you is to decide for the next one.

the mods: that disaster drawer

As you have seen just above, in Age of Empires II Definitive Edition there is content so as not to get bored for generations.
But the best thing is that this is only the tip of the iceberg: one of the advantages of offering the same game of rethinking PC instead of a port is that you have all the content released so far.
The one created by Microsoft, and also that of fans: the mods.

Each one of the Age of Empires II Mods Definitive Edition are present in the Xbox edition waiting for them to discover them.
You just have to access the MODS search engine, filter or establish some reference and download it to have it available in your next game.

How to check your statistics

The vast majority of Xbox Game Studios games have their own online portals, such as Halo or of Thieves, in which to gather the community and share ideas and doubts.
The Age of Empires portal is one of the most interesting: we can not only check the classification tables or our advances in the campaign, solve doubts in the forums and even search or send mods so that others enjoy them.
Do you want more?
Even an online workshop has been done to learn to play from scratch and even master the changes in the Xbox edition.
And there the thing does not end: accessing through our Xbox account we can participate in the Insider program with content and versions of future games.
Because it is worth remembering that at the end of this year Age of Empires IV will arrive for Xbox.

About the PC contents and the purchase of DLCS

If you already bought Age of Empires II Definitive Edition on PC, congratulations: You do not only have your Xbox copy without additional cost, but all your progress, achievements and purchases you will find them as soon as you start the game.
This also works backwards: if you buy it in console, you will also have the PC version.
And if you are subscribed to Game Pass, you can enjoy both without having to buy them, since they are part of the service catalog.
What is not included in the normal editions and in the Game Pass is the contents of the Deluxe package of Age of Empires II accessories, valued at 24.99 euros, and adding three LCS.
But back to the same.
If we buy them we will have them available in any of the two versions: Age of Empires II Definitive Edition offers cross-game, it is Cross-Buy and also benefits from the Xbox cloud saved.

How to play Age of Empires II from browsers

To play AGE of Empires II Definitive Edition is no longer necessary to have a console or a PC that meets the minimum requirements: you can play from a web browser, the Windows Xbox app for PC (without facilities) and even from
your cellphone.
Of course there are two indispensable requirements: be a subscriber of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (valued at 12.99 euros per month) so that you can access Xbox Cloud Gaming and the game catalog and, as we comment, dispose of a command: the version
In the cloud it is the same as consoles.
Moreover, when you synchronize you will find all your console and PC progress in place.
By the way, we anticipate that we have tried the cloud version of Age of Empires II Definitive Edition in Chrome and with an Xbox 360 command and despite being a beta, the result is very worthy.