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How To Create Emperor Palpatine In SWTOR: A Full Build Guide

The installation in the included image is the Imperators Command Hover throne, which can be bought from the exact same Underworld Exchange Supplier, P-5C3 for 120k credits and 6 Cartel Certificates.

These fundamentals, in conjunction with your Famous Implants and Tactical Product, work together in order to increase your damage output, including while casting Force Lightning.

It’s up to you which one you believe looks more accurate (or is offered today). Here’s a shot of Palatines lightsaber from Episode 3:.

Legendary Implants and Tactical Product.

Polarity Shift.

Palatine is more willing to utilize the Force to boost his motion than the majority of other Force wielders we see on screen. He utilizes it both to stay up to date with Yoda’s Atari acrobatics and accomplish a 920º backwards corkscrew flip from a vulnerable position that is so haunting, it incapacitates 4 Jedi Masters enough time for him to take out 3 of them.

While Palatine did come up with and execute complex plots to overthrow the Republic and become Emperor, he did get a little reckless at times, especially when it came to Force Lightning. It seemed like he had an actually difficult time turning it off once he turned it on and it’s not clear if that was due to this being some quirk of the Force or if Palatine just couldn’t assistance himself.

Palatine, on the other hand, channels Force Lightning for prolonged periods of time, often to his own detriment.

Polarity Shift is all about speed. It improves your motion speed in addition to increases the rate at which you can activate abilities. Thanks to the Event Storm implant, it also makes each attack offer more damage. You’re essentially transporting the Force into your own body to boost your abilities, just as Palatine does when dealing with off against a powerful adversary, like Grand master Yoda.

Just as Palatine managed to cloud the clairvoyance of the Jedi Order, you’ll have the ability to do the same to opponents. Cloud Mind lowers your risk against all targets, indicating it will take less damage (or recovery) for an enemy to switch to another person and all opponents will be less much likely to change to you. In solo material, this element of the ability isn’t incredibly beneficial, but it also approves some damage decrease for a few seconds, so if you’re getting struck by a lot of opponents or see your health dropping fast, pop Cloud Mind.

For more details on gearing, have a look at my guide on Which Mods to Buy from Hyde and Week. For a Palatine develop, I recommend gearing as a DPS, which means you’ll wish to concentrate on increasing stats that boost damage output like Precision, Crucial, and Alacrity. You can use the same generic gear for Marauder as well if you plan to utilize that as your second combat style.


Develop Fundamentals:.
Cloud Mind.
Unlimited Power.
Force Movement.
Surging Speed.
Corrupted Flesh.


Death Field.

Force Talents.

This concludes the Emperor Palatine Build Guide. If you have suggestions for tweaks or small variations in appearance or other abilities that might fit well, or if you have a preferred character you’d like to get a develop for, leave a comment.

On Extol, Palatine used Force Leech to drain the life force and power of their Force dead from Rey and Ben, completely rejuvenating his decaying clone body while leaving Rey and Ben nearly lifeless.

Story, Battle Style, and Gearing Options.

This ability grants a boost to your Proficiency and Stamina statistics for a brief time. Increasing Mastery means your damage and recovery output are increased while improving Endurance grants you a momentary extra bit of HP. This capability has an extremely long 5-minute cooldown, however these boosts are likewise granted to your group members.

The Clerk Unique Lightsaber is the level 55 complimentary tier benefit in Galactic Season 3 and Altars Exquisite Lightsaber was a Galactic Season 1 reward that is currently offered by Kit That, the Nathan Galactic Seasons– Seasonal Rewards’ vendor for 3 Galactic Seasons Tokens. It is uncertain what long-term schedule will appear like for these products, but both are readily available at the time of publishing.

Unlimited Power.

As a Sith Sorcerer, you’re able to summon Force Storms whenever you want, though since you do not have a Force dead to feed upon, yours wont be rather as effective as what we saw on Extol. Adhere To Force Lightning unless you can strike a minimum of 3 targets.

Secret Capabilities.

Collecting Storm Bundle.

His inability to stop himself lead to him getting scarred and deformed as Mace Wind deflected the lightning back at him and after that to his inevitable demise when Rey did the same thing on Extol. You, too, can be careless by popping Recklessness and utilizing Force Lightning versus an enemy that has some sort of show ability active because it makes your next 2 capabilities ensured to seriously hit.

Truthfully, for solo content, it’s not that terrific, but you got ta take it due to the fact that of the name of the ability.

Outfit and Weapon.

Death Field is your way to spread out fear and death over a large area, simply as Palatine did to the galaxy during his reign as Emperor and with Order 66. Considering that your ability tree buffs are more concentrated on buffing Creeping Terror, you need to use Death Field if you wish to get the most out of Force Lightning anyhow. If I didn’t offer you on Death Fields importance to Palatine, consider it as him requiring to eat the death and misery of others to get power simply as Vitiate does.

Unnatural Conservation.

Creeping Terror and Condition are powerful psychic Force capabilities that drive the affected outrageous. They’re essentially the dark side variation of Jedi mind tricks and as attacks, deal damage in time while recovery for a part of the damage dealt.

The Secondary Black Dye Module is offered for purchase from the Underworld Exchange supplier named P-5C3 for 20k credits and 1 Cartel Market certificate. It only needs Newcomer standing with the Underworld Exchange.

This list includes guides and builds to famous characters from the Star Wars universe created as carefully as possible in Star Wars The Old Republic MMORPG. The builds feature whatever you need to know to be able to role play as well-known heroes and bad guys from various mediums where they are featured and represented within the Star Wars franchise!

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We never see Palatine overtly use the Force in this way, though he’s no stranger to lies and deception, so possibly he was trying to influence others through the Force as part of his climb to Emperor and persuade Anakin and Luke to come to the Dark Side.

If you are developing a new character, this is done during the creation process. You can utilize the Appearance Style Tool on the Fleet to alter the appearance of an existing character, but this will cost you Cartel Coins each time you do it.

These builds are not ideal for endgame material and need to just be used when playing alone or roleplaying with good friends They are beginner-friendly and do not need you to be at level cap to play it. If you are wanting to learn how to enhance your character construct to reach its real potential for the SW TOR Endgame, please read its devoted Class Guide.

Darth Hideous was the Sith Master during his time. His understanding of the Force was unparalleled. The Sith Inquisitor is the method to go as their story dives deep into the mysteries of the Force and ascending the ranks of the Sith hierarchy.

This SW TOR Obi-Wan Build Guide will reveal you how to produce a character as close and as authentic with Look, Clothing and Secret Capabilities! It reproduces the Hero of the Republic, from prior to the events of Episode 4.

Force Lightning.

Force Speed.

In this section, I’ll be reviewing specific Insanity Sorcerer abilities that match Palatines combating design, consisting of Force attacks as well as protective and offending maneuvers. To be clear, this is not a total list of all Madness Sorcerer capabilities, I am just shining a spotlight on the ones that are quintessentially Palatine.

Force Speed isn’t rather so fancy, however does enable you to move quicker than a speeder for a few seconds. Such a maneuver is well within Palatines abilities. Thanks to the famous implants you’ll be utilizing, Force Speed also reduces the cooldown on Polarity Shift and makes your next attack deal 20% more damage.

Cloud Mind.

Tempest of Rho makes it so among your damage in time (Dot) capabilities, Creeping Fear, has an opportunity to tick whenever you deal damage with Force Lightning, effectively improving the damage you’ll be dealing while carrying Force Lightning.

This area will concentrate on essential options you’ll have to make in order to end up with a play style and story that fits Emperor Palatines character.

Including Dark Side Corruption.

Force Leech as an ability works essentially the exact same method here, it deals a decent piece of damage to your target and after that heals you for nevertheless much damage it dealt. If Condition is on the target, it deals (and subsequently heals) significantly more damage.

Sith are everything about enthusiasm, and if anything, Palatine is passionate about Force Lightning, so Madness Sorcerer is the way to go for your main discipline and fight design.

Sheep Palatine is an old male that has no hair, sunken yellow eyes, a cleft chin, scars, and defects. Here are the physical appearance parameters I recommend using for Palatine as he appears after the effort on his life that left him deformed and scarred.

Defensive Cooldowns.

Keep in mind: This construct is not optimum for endgame content and need to just be utilized when playing alone or roleplaying with good friends. It is beginner-friendly and does not require you to be at level cap to play it.

Sneaking Fear and Affliction.

These are attacks that deal damage to one or more opponents. Typically, they can not be used at the exact same time as one another.

It likewise restores your Force, so you really can utilize it as often as you want.

Physical Appearance

Don’t get your hopes up expensive for the best match on this 1. Story character developer struggles to produce older folks, especially ones as scarred and warped as Papa Palatine here. Numerous of the customization alternatives are bundled together too, so you can’t have things like a wrinkly face and cleft chin at the exact same time.

Thanks to the famous implants you’ll be using, Force Speed likewise decreases the cooldown on Polarity Shift and makes your next attack offer 20% more damage.

The Gathering Storm Package increases your damage dealt while Polarity Shift is active and triggering Force Speed makes your next nanodot attack offer more damage, so increased speed straight equates to extra attack power.

Because your capability tree buffs are more focused on buffing Creeping Fear, you require using Death Field if you desire to get the most out of Force Lightning anyway. You’re generally funneling the Force into your own body to improve your capabilities, simply as Palatine does when dealing with off versus a formidable adversary, like Grand master Yoda.

I extremely suggest using Talks Trellis as your companion equipped with the Imperial Advisors Robes, so he appears like one of Palatines Imperial Consultant friends. You’ll fulfill him on Both.

If you want more information on how to play and gear this discipline efficiently for group Eve content, like Flash points and Operations, have a look at my 7.0 Madness Sorcerer Eve Guide.

Force Storm.

Like Creeping Horror and Affliction, Death Field lacks an actual analog to a Force capability Palatine used however makes a lot of sense thematically. Death Fields notable effects consist of:.

The dark side is a path to numerous capabilities, some thought about unnatural… Yes, you too will have the ability to unnaturally preserve yourself with Unnatural Preservation, which is an immediate self-heal. Utilize it whenever your health is below 90%.

All of these capabilities can be triggered at the very same time as other instantaneous attacks and provide some sort of short-lived boost to your survivability. Their cooldowns are considerably longer than that of most attacks.

Origin Story and Buddy.

How to Create Darth Serious in SW TOR: Full Build Guide.

After draining the Force from Rey and Ben, Palatine unleashed perhaps the most powerful Force Storm on record, triggering Resistance ships to lose power and begin plummeting to the ground, shifting the fight over Extol in the Emperors favor.

I don’t think It’s rewarding to add Dark Side Corruption. It includes more information to the face, however the eyes end up a fair bit redder than Emperor Palatines and the corruption in the video game really doesn’t look like what the Jedi did to him throughout their assassination effort. You’ll require Dark Side IV or V to get the full result.

Palatine is also ridiculously proficient in lightsaber battle and has actually fought utilizing both 1 or 2 blades. For the second battle style, I suggest Marauder so that you can also battle as Darth Serious did versus Maul and Savage on Mangalore; make sure to have a look at my devoted Darth Serious develop guide on that also.

SW TOR Character Builds.

I advise the Insidious Counselors Robes with a Secondary Black Dye and either the Clerk Special or Altars Exquisite Lightsaber. The armor set is a Cartel Market product, but at the time of releasing it is not up for sale and can just be bought from the GTN or directly from another player.

Combat Styles, Disciplines, and Ability Tree Choices.

There is no perfect match for Palatines lightsaber. Altars Exquisite Lightsaber matches the total color pattern of his lightsaber much better, while the Clerk Special Lightsaber has a more accurate shape and kind factor.

  • Dealing a good chunk of damage by itself to targets within its area of impact.
  • Spreading Out Creeping Horror and Affliction if Death Field hits an opponent currently struggling with those Dots.
  • Making all impacted targets take more damage from your Dots and all other AOE damage.
  • Make you take a bit of life with Force Lightning.

You gain access to legendary implants at level 80 and tactical items at level 75.

Sneaking Horror fits this expense a bit much better than Condition, and Force Lightning can cause Creeping Terror to tick extra times, which makes sense considering that getting electrocuted with Force Lightning would be a pretty frightening experience.

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All of these abilities can be triggered at the exact same time as other immediate attacks and use some sort of momentary boost to your damage output. Their cooldowns are substantially longer than that of most attacks.

Offensive Cooldowns.

How to Create Obi-Wan Kenobi in SW TOR: Full Build Guide.

You’ll have the ability to zap opponents with directed Force Lightning to your hearts material, just as the galaxies favorite Emperor enjoys doing. The attack isn’t rather as fatal as Luke might have you think, however it still loads a punch and has no cooldown for Insanity specifically. It likewise regenerates your Force, so you genuinely can use it as typically as you want.

Unequaled Rush Package.

The Unequaled Haste Bundle extends the period of Polarity Shift and makes it, so each activation of Force Speed minimizes the cooldown of Polarity Shift.

Some of you may think Lightning Sorcerer is a much better fit, but I emphatically disagree. Lightning has you repeatedly casting bolts of lightning at the target, which is more akin to how Count Took wields it. Palatine, on the other hand, channels Force Lightning for extended amount of times, often to his own hindrance.

If you want the robes to pop a bit more as they carry out in the image, use the Dark Purple and Dark Red Dye Module. The robes are Cartel Market item but were not for sale at the time of publishing, so you’ll only be able to acquire them from the GTN. The dye comes from Kai Dickens Pouch of Dyes, a login reward.

Force Leech.

I wish to note that I just consider Unlimited Power due to the fact that of the name. It is not that beneficial in solo content given that it lasts a brief time and has an extremely long cooldown. You might take Crucial Movement rather, which I still think fits Palatine since it reduces the cooldown on Force Speed, though perhaps less certainly than Unlimited Power.

Sex: Male
Species: Person
Physique: 2
Head: 10 (or 11).
Scars: 11 (or 1).
Skin tone: 14.
Eye Color: 11.
Beards: 1.
Hair: 1.
Hair Color: 15.
Skin Color: 1 (or 5 w/ DS Corruption).

Tempest of Rho.

This SW TOR Darth Serious Build Guide will reveal you how to create a character as close and as genuine with Look, Clothing and Secret Capabilities! It duplicates the character from prior to the events of Episode 3.