NBA 2K23 Season 3 Fire & Ice Agenda: Everything You Need To Know.

In this article, we’ll be going over the 3 key ways you can save XP to get ahead in NBA 2K23 Season 3.

While there are lots of methods in which NBA 2K23 players can get ahead in the video game, earning XP is among the most uncomplicated methods of doing so.

By acquiring more XP, gamers can open a series of tier-based rewards, secure free packs and access various occasions that can assist them open more rewards in the type of VC and player packs.

NBA 2K23 likewise has a variety of programs that can be finished to make additional rewards and XP. The following post looks at whatever gamers need to understand about one of them, i.e., the Fire and Ice Agenda in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 Fire and Ice Program: How to finish?

First and foremost, gamers require acquiring some gamers from the Fire and Ice Program, which is straightforward enough to do. The Fire and Ice Agenda permits gamers to win as much as 10k XP, which can prove to be game-changing as far as the tier system and general development in NBA 2K23 are worried.

As soon as the players have been gotten, the Fire and Ice Program difficulties can be finished separately. Each of them has a high amount of XP as a reward:

S3 Fire & Ice OO MINUTES

  • Play 25 minutes with Original Owner S3 Fire & Ice players over numerous video games.
  • Reward-500 XP

S3 Select Points

  • Rating 50 points with Season 3 Select players over multiple games.
  • Reward-1,000 XP

S3 Fire & Ice RED

S3 Fire & Ice 3’s.

  • Win a Clutch Time offline or Clutch Time Online video game using 5 S3 Fire & Ice gamers.
  • Reward-2,000 XP.

  • Make 20 3-pointers with S3 Fire & Ice players over numerous video games.

  • Reward-1,000 XP.

  • Win a video game using 13 Fire & Ice players.

  • Reward-3,000 XP.

S3 Fire & Ice Win.

S3 Fire & Ice TT or TTO Win.


McCollum PTS & AST.

S3 Fire & Ice CT or CTO Win.

  • Win 1 TT or TTO video game using 3 S3 Fire & Ice players.
  • Reward-1,250 XP.

  • Score 40 points and get 10 helps with S3 Fire & Ice Reward CJ McCollum in a game.

  • Reward-3,000 XP.

  • Score 40 points and get 5 rebounds with S3 Fire & Ice Reward Darius Miles in a video game.

  • Reward-3,000 XP.

Miles PTS & RED.

NBA 2K23 players struggling to get the right cards for the program must bear in mind that Fire and Ice cards are accessible as random rewards in the Team mode. They are also readily available as part of gamer packs and are uncomplicated to obtain.

  • Get 15 rebounds with S3 Fire & Ice gamers over numerous video games.
  • Reward-1,000 XP