Wild rift

Evil West: Accolades trailer celebrates presses. Evil West is seriously fun – thats what the critics in todays accol

FOCUS Home Entertainment and Flying Wild Hog enjoy presenting an Awards’ trailer today, which celebrates the most likely recorded Evil West.


After the launch 2 weeks ago, the brand-new third person action experience, which currently earns its spores in a wild west threatened by darkness.

Have a look at some grand reviews in accolades trailers today.
You can find the most stunning review of everyone here.
Evil West had the ability to primarily gather atmospheric evaluations that put the insane satisfying and bloody action in the foreground;
The strong and reliable mix of categories in a wild west world and the traditional approach with its over-the-top action white to please.
Focus Entertainment and Flying Wild Hog are really touched by so much positive feedback and would like to thank all testers out there for their previous evaluations.