Dennis Rodman Twice Ended Up Stopping The Game To Take A Call From Madonna

Dennis Rodman is a retired American professional basketball player and two-time winner of the NBA Championship. And after he won his second championship, Madonna called and offered him to come over for sex.


In a look on The Breakfast Club on 105.1 FM in 2019, Rodman discussed his fling with the Queen of Pop. The five-time NBA champ claimed that Madonna called him while he was in the middle of a video game in Las Vegas. She wanted to make love with him and potentially have a child together.

Dennis Rodman once halted a casino game to take call with Madonna, who wished to have sex with him. Rodman and Madonna had a short however highly advertised relationship in 1993.

He continued:

Rodman did have children however none with Madonna. He has three children: 2 children and a kid. He has a daughter, Alexis, with his first wife Annie Bakes. Furthermore, he has a son, Dennis Jr. and a daughter, Trinity, with his second spouse Michelle Mayer.

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When host Charlemagne they God asked if he regretted not getting Madonna pregnant, Rodman narrated another fascinating story. Rodman stated that Madonna offered him $20 million if he got her pregnant.

Madonna dated Dennis Rodman because he was a ‘bad young boy’

In the very same interview on The Breakfast Club, Dennis Rodman revealed the real factor why Madonna dated him. He described that the vocalist’s profession was on the decline when she chose to date ‘bad kids’.

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Rodman did have children but none with Madonna. Dennis Rodman became a genuine ‘bad boy’ in 1993 when he began coloring his hair and covering himself in tattoos. Rodman was with the San Antonio Spurs when he began dating Madonna.

Dennis Rodman ended up being a genuine ‘bad kid’ in 1993 when he began coloring his hair and covering himself in tattoos. When he began dating Madonna, Rodman was with the San Antonio Spurs. The relationship didn’t last long, though, as it ended after simply two months.