Best Couch Co-Op Games Of The Xbox One Sofa (2022)

With the rise of online games, the Sofa cooperative seems to be on the road in recent years.
Fortunately, there are still some really great games to play in xbox one that allow you to sit with a friend in your comfortable sofa and immerse yourself immediately.
Let’s do the same and immerse ourselves in our list of the best cooperative sofa games in xbox one in 2022.

Halo infinity

If you are looking for a more modern halo experience than the one offered in Master Chief Collection, then the recently launched and absolutely free infinite halo should be right at the top of your download list.

With a multiplayer maps and game modes, a battle pass system to help you follow your progress and the same game of shooting in the sand that feels great, Halo Infinite is absolutely essential if you have an Xbox console.
It also works on a divided screen, so you and a friend can accumulate murders together.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is the new RPG derived from dungeon exploration that franchise fans should have on their radars.
And even if you have not dabbled in Minecraft before, this is a pleasant and accessible Hack-and Slash accessible to which anyone can participate.
The entire campaign can be played with up to four players.

Streets of rage 4

This modern version of a classic series is a cooperative experience that should not be lost.
The fighting action of the old Streets of Rage was once a pillar of the game rooms and the university corridors of the 90s, and now it is back with a new layer of paint, improved controls and an adequate soundtrack.
You can play the entire campaign with up to four players.

Tales of Hesperia: final edition

While JPGs are usually issues for a single player, Tales of Hesperia: Definitive Edition allows players to have fun in cooperative mode by allowing them to take control of other group members in battle.
Things can become chaotic in battles, especially when different characters play with their own arts set.
However, with a little coordination, you can master in a short time.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It was time

After too long, Crash Bandicoot has returned in a completely new adventure in xbox one.
Time to help him overcome obstacles on his way.
Everything can be played in a Pass N Play mode, where you will pass control between you and your friend every time you die, providing a way to help you calm down during the particularly difficult levels while laughing that your friend fails… and vice versa.

Plants against Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Torres’s defense game, turned into shooter in the third person, has once again returned with Battle for Neighborville.
This game takes the world of plants vs zombies to which you got used to Garden Warfare 2 and opens it over par, adding more places to explore, more maps to play and even more absurdly good cooperative fun.


If you love the 2D platform games, devilishly challenging 2D, you cannot be wrong with Spunky.
The independent title makes you explore a series of randomly generated caves full of mortal creatures.
Of course, the danger feels much less intimidating if you bring a friend for the trip and, fortunately, Spunky admits the local cooperative.

Sonic Mania Plus

Sonic Mania Plus for xbox one is essentially the definitive edition of the game that saw Sonic’s return last year.
With a return to the rapid lateral displacement in 2D, two players can join forces such as Sonic and Tails to collect rings and complete each stage.
It is Sonic’s classic fun, so what else could you ask for?

Magician of legend

The local cooperative mode of Wizard of Legend focuses on the game chaos tests.
Both will have to immerse themselves directly in the action while facing waves of enemies, strategically change their weapons and complement their partner’s game style.
If you are looking for a fast-paving dungeon exploration game to see with your friends, you could find something much worse than this.

Unravel 2

The original Unravel was a game full of love and driven by the desire to publish a moving history of a family and their relationships between them.
Unravel 2 follows a similar premise once again, since players observe how the relationship between two children grows and evolves over time.

This time, Yarn has another wool friend to help him achieve his goals.
They will have to work together to overcome obstacles and reach the end.
It is a lovely game with lovely images and some pleasant platform action to start.

Stick bold!

A prisoner ball adventure
Sixfold is another of those amazing party games that can be doubled as a versus and cooperative title.
Sixfold is a Dodgeball game, and you simply have to knock out your opponents with the ball before they do the same to you.
There are a lot of different scenarios to choose from, and the various dangers of each can really shake a game.
Sixfold is absolutely a game you need for when your friends end.

Keep talking and nobody explodes

With a person in charge of deactivating the pump and all other players using the pump deactivation manual to find the solutions to the various riddles that must be resolved in the pump, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes puts your teamwork skills to the test.
You will also test your communication skills and probably also the strength of your relationships.

Idarb is a frantic cooperative experience (and versus) for 8 players that makes you jump around the sands trying to throw a ball into the goal of your opponent.

Imagine a kind of crossing between platforms, football and handball, and you will have a general idea of how everything works.
Not only is it very fun to score an epic goal against your friends while they sit next to your side, the game also has Twitter and Twitter support to dynamically change the way it is played through hashtags.

Laser League is one of those games that is perfect for a party.

While you can play against your friend or friends if you wish, you can also join and face AI.
For those who are not familiar with Laser League, they must activate traps to eliminate their opponent, while avoiding the lasers that come from them.
It is a frantic cooperative fun, vertiginous and incredibly captivating.

An exit

Way out is a narrative game with mandatory cooperation.
You and another friend can play locally or online to plan a prison leak and solve riddles together on a divided screen.

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Located between Resident Evil 5 and 6, players enjoy one of the best deliveries of the franchise in a long time with Resident Evil Revelations 2. Takes the series to the days of stealth, vulnerability and the need to preserve resources and is an
Essential game for lovers of horror genre.

Earthquake (2021)

Quake (2021) has just launched, bringing an improved version of the grandfather of shooting games to the current and last console generation.
That means that, whether he is playing at xbox one or Series X | s, he can enjoy this new and improved experience.
Quake presents online and local cooperative multiplayer for up to four players throughout his dark fantasy campaign and the expansions that followed.
If you are looking for fun to shoot with friends, there is nothing better than Quake.


Rock Band 4

Being in a rock band is fun.
You can be with your friends, play a guitar and have fans of fans encouraging you (if you are good).
Rock Band 4 allows you and some friends to live the dream without any annoying training or raw talent.

Plan of human fall

The title can be strange, but so is the game.
Human Fall Flat causes players to solve riddles based on physics to escape the worlds of dreams, and much of that has to do with being thrown and falling.
The best part is that he has an open end, so you can invite a friend to a sofa cooperative and have fun playing with everything you can do.

Square death

Do you like really difficult riddles that become even more difficult to require communication?
You may want to gather some friends and test your ingenuity while guiding some robots in cubes for a dangerous level built to kill him on the spot.

Aliens: Fire elite equipment

If you are looking for a good time with your friends, then it is worth taking a look at Aliens: Firearm Elite.
Up to three players can form a Fire team and face this survival shooter in the third person while fighting the Mesomorph threat.
With 20 types of enemies and 11 different mesomorphs, there is much, so you can make your way with any of the five unique classes, more than 30 weapons and more than 70 mods and accessories to refine your equipment.


As Minecraft in the sense that you build, you collect resources to build almost anything you can imagine.
However, this 2D experience houses even more threats and bigger monsters to deal with while fighting to make a home and not die in the process.


If you are a fan of Mega Man and you are looking for something that offers you the same game of fast-paid shooting and platforms, do not look beyond 20XX.
This Roguelike offers a sofa cooperative for its plethora of levels generated by procedures and bosses that fill the screen.
What more could you want?

Knights of the Portal

Knights portal combines elements of some different games to provide a fun experience for both individual players and groups of friends.
You can explore and build your world as in Minecraft, but in essence it is a solid role game that will keep you and your friends fighting for hours to strengthen.

Trinidad 4

Marking a return to the lateral displacement roots of the series, Tribe 4: The Nightmare Prince is a magical experience so that up to four players face together.
Combining enchanted levels, with charming characters and stories, and a good dose of puzzle mechanics to round things, Tribe 4 is a great 2.5D experience that you can enjoy with up to three friends.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

While Geometry Wars 3’s competitive aspect is difficult to resist, you can stop trying to dwarf your friends’ scores from time to time to participate in a fun Sofa cooperative.

Portal 2

Portal 2 is a hilarious puzzle game based on physics in which you will use a portal gun to navigate for complex puzzle rooms.
Your ultimate goal is to get to the room.
With a friend, Portal 2 becomes even more chaotic and is an excellent way to spend an afternoon with a friend.

Hyperlink wanderer

Hyper Light Drifter is a challenging game that tests your reflexes and your ability to fight under pressure.
Since death is easy, but combat is so fun that it is easy not to want to lower control, even when you have a company.
Fortunately, there is a local cooperative for guests to immerse and share the funny meetings.

Defenses de Mazorras II

Dungeon Defenders II Mix some genres to create a solid role-playing experience of hordes that uses tower…