LOL: PAIN FLOWER announces removal from competitive after private conversations leak. League of Legends team player from Pain Gaming announces removal

During the afternoon of last Wednesday (14), Pain Gaming player Flower announced her removal from the organization and the competitive scenario of League of Legends.
Through publications made via Twitter, the player commented that she made this decision so as not to harm the inclusive scenario or her teammates.
The statement came after the release of a series of prints, which contained Player’s intimate conversations in the Discord app on Twitter.
Screen catches, which were later deleted by the author of the publication, showed the player exchanging messages of sexual content with a person via disagree.
According to the latter, the prints were made without their consent by a third person and shared without their permission.
After the author shared the information that the person who was talking to the player would supposedly 14 years old, Twitter users began to charge a position of the organization and to planer of PAIN.
After the removal of the images, the user published a private conversation with the alleged teenager where the latter declares that he did not want this situation to become public in this way but, despite this, will not make legal decisions against those involved.

After the final statement of the person who had her private conversations exposed, the player came to public and opined that the conversations published were made ‘in bad faith’, and added that some users were taking advantage of the situation to question their gender identity.
Regarding the content of the conversations exposed, Player states that the two people involved were aware of the situation and reinforces the comment that screen cutouts are ‘mean’.
Finally, the player announces her removal, described as a volunteer, and says that she will remain distant ‘while dealing with the situation’ departing the conditions of the removal.
Sought by MGG azil, the organization Pain Gaming has stated that it will not comment on what happened.
The electronic sports team added that the player’s statement will be the only official pronouncement of the player.


This article will be updated if new information comes up.