All Roblox Anime Adventures Codes (December 2022)


Roblox is full of games inspired by anime, and Anime Adventures is one that is demonstrating to be very popular at this time.
The tower defense experience faces players against waves and waves of unpleasant enemies that you will have to defeat with special weapons and skills.
If you have arrived here, you are likely to look for the answer to a question: what are all adventures anime codes in Roblox at this time?
With that in mind, let’s start.

All work adventure codes in Roblox

Here is a list of all active codes in anime adventures in Roblox to help you get some gifts:
Karakora2-redeem for 300 gems (new)
Karakora-Card for 500 gems
Fictionnthefirst-redeem for an invocation ticket
SubTokelvingts-Card for an invocation ticket
Toadboigaming-Card for an invocation ticket
Reylupffy-Card for an invocation ticket
SubtonowRBX-Card for an invocation ticket
Noclipso-Card for an invocation ticket
Subtoblamspot-I exchange this code for an invocation ticket
CXersed-Card for an invocation ticket
Subtomookuma-Card for an invocation ticket
Trébol2-Card for 250 gems
Trébol-redeem for 500 gems
Los Santos Los Santos-Card for 250 gems and 500 candies
Curse2-Card for 250 gems
Sorry for the closure2-redeem for 250 gems
Curse-Card for 350 gems
fairy2-redeem for 250 gems
FAIRY-Card for 250 Gems

All codes expired in Roblox Anime Adventures

The following are codes that have expired and no longer work in anime adventures in Roblox:
Android-Card for a limited appearance of Freeze Mecca
Server-Card for 250 gems and 2500 gold
First aid-Card for free rewards
Data setting-redeem for 200 gems
Marineford-Card for 250 gems
Release-redeem for 50 gems
Challenge correction-redeem for 100 gems
Ginyufix-Card for 100 gems
Sorry for closure-redeem for 200 gems
Two million-redeem for 400 gems
Hunter-Card for 250 Gems
Questfix-Card for gems
Hollow-Card for Gems
Mutentren-Card for gems
Necrophagous demon-redeem for 250 gems

How to exchange adventures codes in Roblox

Fortunately, redeeming codes in anime adventures is quite simple.

Just follow these steps:
Start anime adventures in Roblox.
Go to the Codes section in the lobby, which is just to the left of the spawn (as highlighted in the image below).
Once this enters, a text box will appear to enter a code.
Enter the code exactly as it appears in the previous list, press in and your gifts will be yours.
No problem!
The Roblox Corporation through
So, that ends things for now.
We hope this has helped respond to your consultation: what are all adventures anime codes in Roblox?
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