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15 Days After Mobile Version Released, Alliance Alive HD Remaster Gets Ratings From 10,000 Players

Arc Systems Works Asia Branch announced that the mobile version of Fury, a fantasy military drama RPG Alliance HD Remastered of Fury Co., Ltd.


Detailed information on the launch commemorative event and commemorative sale was released.

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered is an HD remastered title of the Alliance, which was released in North America and Europe in 2017, and is divided by the demons.
It is a fantasy military RPG of understanding and conflict centered on the main characters.

The player has a party up to five of the nine main characters to explore the vast world maps freely, and in contact with the monster, the symbol-in-counter ‘turn-based command battle’ is set up and the battle is set in combat during battle.
The fast tempo, which can be enjoyed up to 4 times, is a feature of this game.

In addition, you can enjoy more comfortable play with more optimized interfaces, HD high-definition graphics, newly added functional guidebook functions, and tutorial functions useful for beginners.

A huge military drama made by -9 characters!
Located in Galilee and Aura, which belongs to the resistance organization, the story is manipulated by manipulating the main characters of different races, genders, ages, and positions.
As you change the point of view, you can enjoy a huge scenario where the fate of the protagonists intersects in turn and gathers in one story.

-RPG centered on turn-based command battles!
After setting up the equipment and the formation, you can play up to 5 people, and then play with a symbolic counter and turn-based command battle that is in contact with the monster on the map.
During the battle, you can strengthen your character with a certain chance of increasing the power of the command or an awakening system that acquires new commands, and the talent points from the battle.
If you want to play with a faster tempo, you can enter a certain key during the battle to fight up to four times.

-In a new game system for the convenience of players!
In addition to the tutorial function that automatically explains when a new item or game system appears, the newly added guidebook function in this remastered version is information about game systems such as basic operation, character status, battles, weapons and items.
You can check it anytime during play.

-Encyve the ride and adventure freely!
In order to adventure the area split in all directions by the black flow, the player must obtain a variety of rides in the game and move a particular environment such as the public, lava, and snow.
If you get a ride during the play, you can go to a place you have not been able to go before, so you can go to a more diverse place.

For more information about the Alliance HD Remastered, please visit the Arc Systems Asia Branch homepage, official blog, Facebook, and Twitter.