Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Bardock DLC Gets a Release Date

While the first DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Apart, Burdock: The Father of Roku, was a prequel focusing on the father of Roku, this new DLC will focus on his father’s son. This is a great chance for those who still want more backstory in the game to get what they want – and people who are just starting the game can get a taste of where it all began.

The DLC can be seen in the trailer listed below that sneak peeks Burdock’s fight against numerous various ranks of Frieze Force members prior to Frieze himself makes an appearance at the end. Naturally, those knowledgeable about this Dragon Ball Z saga will know all too well how this turns out, but Burdock’s a popular character, so his fate will likely do little to prevent any who are currently thinking about the DLC.

Towards the end of the trailer, Banzai NAMC reminded players that there’s more to come. Prepare for the next 2 LCS haven’t been announced yet, nor have they been given release dates, but it’s far from unprecedented to see Dragon Ballgame get a lot of post-launch assistance like this considered that games like Dragon Ball Fighter and Dragon Ball Genovese 2 are still going strong.

Enhancements to the new-gen variations include quicker packing times, fluid gameplay up to 60 FPS, and new visual information that enhance the immersion into the world of Dragon Ball, a sneak peek of these upgrades stated. Dragon Ball Z: Apart’s in-game card game, Card Warriors, will also be readily available in the new-gen versions of the title as an offline variation for single gamers.

While the story of the DLC is basically known at this point, Banzai NAMC likewise shared more information recently on to prepare for the video game’s console upgrades if you’re going to be getting among those come January 13th. When it comes to these upgrades like enhanced efficiency and faster load times as well as some perks unique to this game’s modes and functions, it includes the typical suspects.


After being announced a few months ago, Dragon Ball Z: Apart’s brand-new DLC Burdock: Alone Versus Fate now has a release date. A new trailer released by Banzai NAMC this week confirmed that the DLC will help begin the brand-new year when it releases on January 13, the exact same day that the next-gen versions of the game will be offered for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S platforms. More DLC is prepared later on with this brand-new DLC being simply the first release in a three-part for the video game’s Season Pass 2.