Scarlet and Violet: The 5 best new Pokemon in the ninth generation

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are the two new versions of the franchise, released on November 18, 2022. If graphics and performance have struggled to convince players, the two works have reached a monstrous record at Nintendo Switch: more than 10 million sales in just three days. The ninth generation ings 100 new monsters to delight both newcomers and veterans. A week after its release, it’s time to reveal our top 5 Paldeas best Pokémon.

If you have not yet progressed enough in the game to complete your Pokédex, we recommend that you avoid this article, which may contain spoilers about Pokémon you have not found.

Iron Moth

Exclusive by Pokémon Violet, Iron Moth is a kind of volcano of the future with wings and metallic body. In addition to being absolutely magnificent, the paradoxical Pokémon has the Fire/Poison types. The only criticism we would have to do is the insistence of the game Freak in naming all futuristic paradoxes the same way.


Another exclusive of the Violet version that slaps our opinion-in its scarlet variant: carriage. With its two blades like arm, the Fire/Ghost evolution of little Char cadet is impressive and ings a bold design that should please fans of other similar Pokémon.


If Paw mi is the ninth generation pikaclone, no doubt little Tandems has stolen the hearts of many coaches in Pale. Always in pairs, Tandems evolves to Household, welcoming a baby mouse. The particularity of this evolution is that Household can then have two forms: a family of three or family of four members.


If Iron Hands or Hound stone are formidable Pokémon of the ninth generation, too powerful in the competitive or in Races, there is one that should accompany him on the adventure from the beginning to the league: Kingston. Her Double Type Fairy/Steel allows her to have only two weaknesses: Fire and Ground. She is immune to Poison and Dragon-E still has rock attacks on Arsenal to deal with some of her counters.

Roaring Moon and Iron Valiant

This time, be it the Scarlet or Violet version, the two exclusive that can be found in the secret cave of the Pale Crater, are absolutely genius. On one side is a flashy pink gardener mixed with Gal lade, on the other, a ight salience from the past, clearly inspired by Mega-Salamence.

Honorable mentions

Impossible not to mention the Taurus de Paldea all black that, although his presence was logical in this region inspired by Spain and Portugal, surprised us with his two variants. Special mention also for Villain, who is the first Pokémon in the world to have the double Fire/Grass type.


On the legendary side, our favorite is Chimu, the small Asian fish that seems to have Yin and Yang in the eyes. And finally, a round of applause to Dudunsparce, Subspace’s dull evolution, a Pokémon that franchise fans have always considered perfect, to the point of not having an evolution. This is probably why the designer team preferred to offer an evolution that changes its basic form little. By the way, did you know that it is possible to get a triple form of Dudunsparce?