Days Gone 2 Petition Has Nearly 200,000 Signatures

There are millions of people who want Sony PlayStation to approve Days Gone 2, checks out the petition. And I want all the fans to sign this petition. They can’t just pull the plug on such an incredible game that ended with a cliffhanger.


Launched in 2019, Days Gone from Bend Studio launched to a 71 on Metacritic, a decent rating however not for first-party PlayStation video games which typically land anywhere in between 85 and 95. Generally, if a video game offers really well, particularly a new IP, a follow-up is a lock, but PlayStation has revealed in the past it’s ready to pull the plug on video games that don’t land with critics and so far it looks like Days Gone will be the most recent example of this.

Days Gone’s roadway to launching as a PlayStation 4 unique hasn’t been the smoothest one, checks out the opening of our review of the video game. It stars a rough protagonist named Deacon St. John who’s searching for answers about his better half and a lethal virus that cleaned out much of the population and turned people into zombie-like opponents called ‘Breakers.’ Lukewarm enjoyment for the game was done no favors by a delay, and compared to Sony’s other exclusives seemingly of the same caliber, it felt out of place as a generic-looking, open-world zombie game. After spending a fair bit of time with Days Gone, it appears those hesitations were warranted.

As you can see, this is an extremely basic petition, but it’s resonated with almost 200,000 users who all agree PlayStation should not ditch the series after one release. Regrettably for everybody who signed this petition, there are practically no chance Days Gone will ever get a follow-up with its developers now gone from Sony Bend and the group dealing with brand-new things.