LOL: Pre-season 13 ings historical change of a fact on items

According to constant analyzes of statistics from the League of Legends game, MOB from Riot Games, the Honda Emulate Item, which allows the user to be unreachable for a few seconds, is constantly listed as the most purchased item by players.

The survival capacity, along with a little armor and large doses of skill power, has always been a winning recipe. Even champions who do not take advantage of their particularities use it to survive thanks to the fact that those eternal 2.5 seconds that paralysis hard are extremely useful.

However, something has changed now that the preseason arrived at Patch 12.22.


the ‘new’ most used item throughout the League of Legends

The latest update has made the king’s sword destroyed the most used item throughout the game.

Although in percentage terms the difference from Honda’s hourglass is not too high, this anti-item item has become the most purchased item by players at almost every level of the game.

Only in the gold link, the community continues to choose Honda’s hourglass more often, while in the highest anches this item may even fall to the third or fourth position. An unusual situation.

The reasons are not strange to players who are already testing the newly introduced preseason. Although tanks are not the most powerful characters based on victory rate statistics, they have become very common.

Rare is the game where there is not at least one resistance based character on each team and can start from the jungle or the top route. This situation naturally favors the emergence of characters capable of using an item that causes more damage to enemies the more maximum life they have.

The list of the most popular items is completed by the killer and titanic hydra. The first is also a great option for dealing with higher resistance enemies, offering a considerable bonus of true damage.

A little more complex is the case of the item for fighters. Titanic hydra, although not working very well against tanks on a solo route, is used on many occasions. The champions who make the most use of this item, currently, are Flora, Camille, Kong and Riven.

The curious thing about this is that many of the tools that are available to players to deal with the tanks and their extreme popularity are diminishing the effectiveness of the most resistant champions.

K’Santa, Sion and Oran are the three most popular characters in this category. However, none can win over 50% of games. Not even CHO’Path and Dr. World. Even more worrying is the fact that four of the five mentioned have seen their performance worsen since the introduction of the last patch.

Riot is in a complicated situation when it comes to balancing the long-term game. In virtually every ‘preseason’ the game is somewhat chaotic, but ends up in good condition at the beginning of the next campaign.

In this case, the company has more than a month and a half until the start date of season 13 and players expect all problems to be solved there.