[Demonstration] Transcendental Hoyo Bus Style, Zenres Zone Zero

  • Game name: Genres Zone Zero

  • Genre: Log ite Action RPG

  • Service / Developer: Hobo Bus / Hobo Bus

  • Yo: ‘Genres Zone Zero’ is a log ite action RPG set against the background in the near future when the transcendental disaster occurred. Hobo bus’s unique action, modern and hip style, speed, and log ite are added.


Hobo Bus has set up a demonstration booth at the G-Star site in BEX CO, Susan from 17th to 20th. ‘Genres Zone Zero’ is a new work of Hobo Bus, which was first mentioned on May 8, and is a work that adds log-on-s expeditions to the 3D action MORPH know-how of Hobo buses since the collapse 3rd.

The background of the work is based on the city of ‘New Grid’, which has the technology and resources that can be opposed to this after modern civilization was destroyed by a supernatural disaster ‘common’. Unlike Hobo Bus’s previous collapse 3RD and collapse IP, in this work, the user is a ‘rope’ who guides the joint exploration in this work, which showcases hip style such as punk-style music, bass & drums, and a hip style such as a robot or a character. We investigate the common proposal together and dig into the hidden secrets behind the disaster.

Since the CBT for some testers in August, there was no demonstration opportunity, but after TGS, the booth was filled with people waiting for demonstration. The Hobo Bus booth, which has already been proven to be the audience of Hobo buses, has already been proven to be a pop-up store, including the Won shin Summer Festival. The demonstration time was short, so I could only look at the fragmentary side of Genres Zone Zero.

In the demonstration version, there were three ‘urban searches’ that showed the early part of the story, the difficult mode, and the aspect of New Grid for a while. Among them, the city search was open only enough to look back at some of the urban sections that appeared during the TGS from the perspective of the female character and brother and sister. The hip BGM, where funky and swing coexist in the cramped alley where ramen houses, construction sites, railroads, and game rooms coexist, have been excited to walk around the city of the Persona Series or Jet Set Radio. However, it was a pity that I could only see the short story because I didn’t open the interaction or the next section.

In Story Mode, the members of the ‘Cunning Rabbit Cave’, which had been the main class since the first release of Genres Zone, began to collect and escape from the Red Pang gang. In the process of recovering the goods, the Red Pang pushes the Red Pang to the police, and the cunning rabbit cave members enter the ‘common’ to escape the crisis. There, there was a part that could be played in the demonstration version of the process to defeat the enemy contaminated with ether and go out to another escape.

As it was also released as a tutorial in CBT, this part was able to demonstrate two characters of the cunning rabbit cave. The battle itself was not very unfamiliar because it was divided into general attacks and special attacks, ATE, ultimate and tag action, similar to the previous collapse of Hobo Bus or other mobile action MORPH.

Nevertheless, it was surprising that the structure of using the skill and the avoidance ATE to the cooldown was not a way to stir up the energy by accumulating energy with ordinary attacks. This is because mobile or mobile-PC cross play action Morphs have been supplemented with many brilliant skills, ITES, and ultimate because they cannot make use of so-called flats al1. Of course, Genres Zone Zero was equipped with such a system, but it seems that relatively increasing the weight of the hit was a confidence in him.

I did 3rd collapse and did Morphs, but when I pressed the button as much as the Genres Zone, there was no work that the attack continued immediately. When he hit the batter, he was surprised by the quality of the series, which was supported by such a fast-paced tempo, which was fast, and cut and cut. It’s not enough to say that there’s no work when I even consult the console, but I’m really looking forward to the future until the story of the masters who are really serious about the action in the first CBT version. Isn’t it?

But this was not the end. Now I talked about what I felt in a normal attack. Although it was a unique way to connect special attacks by accumulating ethers with ordinary attacks, it felt like Hobo bus, but other competitions were also ambiguous as a characteristic of Genres Zone Zero. However, I realized that it was a very high-speed composition.

Normally, extreme avoidance causes bullet time to activate ATE skills, and this is like the national rules of the mobile-PC cross play action RPG. However, Genres Zone Zero has a very short slow after the extreme evasion, and the timing of special branches and special attack activation of ordinary attacks is so short. Naturally, the invincible time is short, so avoid the enemy’s attack once and say It’s slow, and the enemy stops and there is no selfishly dealing with me. Thus, the speed of action composition that continues to be rapidly continued to switch to the sequence that avoids the enemy’s attack and puts the deal again and again.

The tag action ATE, which plays a dispatch skill while replacing with other characters, was not special. But here too, the difference in speed and feeling was clear. Especially when the enemy was grilled, the quality of the ATE action, which was fed with a crystal tar, was amazing. When ATE is activated, it usually shines only on the icon of the character, but Genres Zone Zero has chosen one of the left and right clicks on which character to replace with the highlights. As soon as you choose at that short moment, it is converted to another character’s skill production, and then it is composed of several branches, such as returning to the screen, taking action, or making a climax as the ultimate.

I don’t know what’s special about the connection of the skill, but if you use it more, it was impressive that the tempo of the cut scene was very fast, but the composition that revealed the characteristics of the scene and the character’s characteristics naturally. How can I solve it in less than a few seconds to get all that situation, but it’s like that.

In particular, when you enter the difficult mode, you can avoid the boss’s attack, which is fed a single room, and use special skills in the ATE, mix it with a special branch attack, and make a special skill again. And I am busy focusing on the instinctive hand to complete a series of sequences to finish with the last palace. I was able to play the process as a combination of Genres John Zero’s characters, so reporters also wanted to use several combinations in the media demonstration, so they spent time to the limit of demonstration time.

The most scary point of the Genres Zone Zero was not just graphics, cut scenes, and atmospheres. It is also certain that I have been faithful to the elements that will stimulate the details and virtue. The worldview that I made was so attractive when I looked back for a while.

In addition to the styles, the new weapon of ‘speed’ has been added. That may be the part of the Mobile-PC Cross play Action MORPH, which has been released so far. Even though the speed is raised, the sink is not correct, or the part is not well suited, and while the natural sequence is dragged, the directing is also good at the level of operation.

I forgot for a while, but Genres Zone Zero is a ‘log ite’ action RPG. In other words, it is a game that adds to that taste that targets buffs and rebuffs based on various choices based on this speed. In the demonstration version, the part was unfortunate, but when the two elements were combined, what destructive power would be, and the next CBT and formal release are expected.