Valorant: Liquid is the first VCT Gamechangers finalist after 3 exciting maps


A third day of clashes within the maximum Valorant competition begins with 3 very interesting duels where we will see two squads say goodbye to the competition, after seeing a strong start we could know the skill deployment of the squads fighting until the last round with their Best effort, now without additional lives they will have to present their best resources to continue in the tournament.

Starting with the Team Liquid duel against Shopify Rebellion that began in fracture that would be played in favor of the NA squad that is raised with the map in his favor, then in BIND we see the reaction of the Brazilians who send to Overtime the stage for Be able to tie the series thanks to Dr’s work using Astra. Arriving at the Decider we see an icebox that has the name of Liquid because they handle the situation in a very good way to move forward by the superior bracket.

During the second series GRU Fem faces X10 Sapphire in a survival battle that began in Breeze where the Latin team would take things in their favor thanks to Conic that gave the precise shots, with the advantage in favor of the pink team we passed Haven to have that It would end different because the Thai would put the load in Poly that would give a tremendous skill display to go to a third map. In fracture the aggressive beginning of X10 gave them the early advantage that they did not release despite GRU’s reactions, but it would be Muffin that ended the series along with the participation of LATAM.

Closing the Guild X day fight against Fennel Hotel on a map of Pearl where the aggressiveness of the Europeans is present from the first rounds to show their capabilities within the encounter leaving Claudia show his strength to take the first map. Passing the European team to Haven had the controlled situation to look for the quick rounds on its side and with Anna that shows his ability with Bridge they manage to consolidate the victory in the duel.

Thus ends the day with the squads of GRU Fem and Fennel saying about the tournament after very intense battles, on the other hand Team Liquid passes through the upper part to face G2 Dozen through the pass to the grand finale, while X10 Sapphire and Guild X will look for a victory against Cloud9 White and Shopify Rebellion to be able to reach one more stage in the tournament to reach the final by the lower bracket.