Xbox would charge this amount for your game streaming device

In last summer something quite peculiar was announced by Xbox, the Keystone project, which would Be betting on being a cheaper alternative to Microsoft consoles. Stipulating that it is a kind of Fire Stick, which is connected to the Internet and can do the company’s games in Game Pass through the cloud.

The Microsoft Games Chief told the podcast The Verge’s decode that the company built Keystone and that some employees took him home to try it which was seen in a photo of the Spencer office last month. And while it worked correctly, it was too expensive to produce for the company.

Here are your statements:

The console we built and that now people have seen, Keystone, was more expensive than we wanted when we really built it with the hardware we had inside, and decided to focus the efforts of that team in offering the transmission of smart TV.

With Keystone, we are still focused when we can obtain the correct costs, but when you have the S series at $299, and during the holidays you will see a price promotion, obviously, I will have the highest x series, I think that for a box of Only transmission makes sense, the delta price for S must be quite significant.

I want to include a controller when we are going to do that. So, it was really if we could build the right product at the right price, or if we can’t, how can we focus the equipment effort? And we decided to go to the TV application with Samsung, and we are very happy with the results.


Then it included a figure of what could be the price:

I do not want to announce the price specifically, but I think it has to be at $129, $99, as somewhere so that it makes sense, in my opinion, that we simply were not there. The reason he is on my shelf is that the team rolled up and in nine months they built that thing. And a group of us took him home and worked. It worked very, very good.

There is still no concrete date for the final revelation of the product and therefore the announcement of its price.

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Editor’s note: Keystone’s project sounds quite interesting, especially for those who do not have enough money to buy a console. However, its servers must run with a medium quality Internet, otherwise it would not have much acceptance.