Can you defeat Angrboda in a race at God of War Ragnarok? Answered

Approximately half of God of War Ragnarök, Women is sent to the mythical hiding place of the giants, known as Ironwood. Here, he meets Anybody, a strange girl who is responsible for painting the prophecies that he and Rates find throughout the game. While their time together is short, the two have a lot of fun together, including some races. Here is everything you need to know if you can defeat Anybody in a race at God of War Ragnarök.

Can I dare to win the race at God of War Ragnarök? Answered

The short answer is No, each race has a predetermined result in which Agreed Women loses balance a bit.

She says that she won, but it was a bit unfair because she knew the field. She also wins the second race similarly, sliding right at the end of her magical fox to steal victory.

While it may seem unfair, it is worth losing it in the end, since it results in a dialogue cut between the two, especially with regard to the context of the second race. Sometimes winning is not everything that matters.

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