The new game of the popular drama Cobra Kai COBRA KAI 2: Dojos Rising released!

Game mill Entertainment has released a new game version of COBRA KAI 2: Dojos Rising for PC/Console based on the popular Netflix drama Cobra Association .

In this work, we will lead the selected dojo and skilled fighter teams to win the battle for the Valley Karate Tournament Grand Champion.

Multiple game mode: In the story mode, a new story can open the road to all volleyballnaments.

28 playable characters: As a familiar character in the drama, it will lead to victory using special skills and abilities.


Select a dojo: Select from three dojos: Engulfing, Cobra Association, and Miami Road, solicit and nurture new students, and overwhelm rivals.

Defeat enemies: Valley Fest, high school, L.A. Beach, coyote creek, etc.

Enhance the team’s power: Collect I and coins, polish your arms, and win the Valley Tournament Grand Champion.

Participating in all volleyballnaments: In all-valley tournament mode, play against the strongest rivals online or local offline, win the champion.

Voice actors familiar in programs: In-game voice of your favorite character by actors in a series that has won awards.

COBRA KAI 2: Dojos Rising is distributed to Windows (Steam)/PS5/PS4 (overseas)/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch (overseas). In addition, the Nemesis Edition containing the limited content can be used by five boss characters including Terry Silver, and a jukebox function that allows you to listen to the original score by the Cobra Association official composer will be added.