FIFA 23, the World Cup content will be introduced from the 9th

EA will update free World Cup content on FIFA 23 on the 9th. In addition, on the 8th, you can enjoy the World Cup content on FIFA Mobile.

First, FIFA 23 can play and play 32 countries in the World Cup 2022 finals. It is also possible to change the group or choose a team that has not been in the final. You can compete with other users around the world by picking one of the finalists from the online tournament and passing through the rust-out stage.

Subsequently, the FIFA World Cup: Live, which runs from November 21 to December 18, reflects the group and rust-out stages in the game. In addition, you can select a real-time starting point on the country you want and the real-time starting point you want through your own World Cup, and enjoy a single tournament that reflects the actual progress, including lineup and economic statistics.

From November 11 to December 23, a new FTA Ultimate Team (FUT) campaign will be released. Live items are upgraded according to the progress, along with team kits, stadium embellishments, visuals, match balls, and exclusive commentary. In addition, 30 World Cup icons emerged through the World Cup, which runs from November 11 to 23, and the road event to the glory, and the best player who achieved the best performance at the end of the World Cup ‘Team of the Tournament’ It is selected as a member and offers permanently boost items.

On November 8, the World Cup tournament mode will be provided in FIFA Mobile. As the tournament is completed, you can get rewards, which can be used in the World Cup Live Event, which will be added on the 17th. You can win the Live Tournament and get a World Cup player who can add it to FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team.

Nick Utica, EA Sports FC, said, Every four years, the World Cup offers a special opportunity to tie the world of football into 1. This time, I am pleased to be able to provide immersive and direct experiences for football fans around the world. Our first soccer game has been built around international football, and since then, it has been focused on experience. Fans are truly the best, minimum, and between them. It’s amazing that you can only feel when you become one through the world’s games.


FIFA 23 is available in PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | s. The World Cup update will also be held for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 next summer.