Is it the scary this term? PHOBOS PROJECT This is a scary ball box! Assorted horror with dark places, closed, ghosts and spiders

In a world where you change rapidly, the game industry progresses at the speed of light, and it is for everyone to determine which is a game that suits you. I want to know the information of the new game right now while facing the budget and the time to play. It is explosive speed play repo for such a case.

This time, we will introduce the content that French indie game creator Antoine Rubin developed and played PHOBOS Project distributed on October 24, 2022.

What is PHOBOS Project ?

This work is a first-person psychological horror, which is called an experiment, with various fear experiences attacking. Players will relive cases of subjects who are considered to be subjects and look for ways to escape fear through mysteries while confronting monsters and unidentified spiritual being.

The story seems to be a straight road, but the field prepared for each level is vast. Relying on a slight clue, try to search for key items and encounter sudden enemies, and aim for the goal while worn out.

It is not just a horror, but it is a structure that adopts multiple specific fear factors such as dark and spider , which is actually recognized as a trauma, and is not good at that kind of genre. The content was particularly pierced. Unfortunately, this work does not support Japanese at the moment .

The main character is the sanest

When you start the game, you will be thrown out into a deep forest at midnight after a very long precautionary note and VHS-style production.

Perhaps you can guess that the protagonist has followed the memory of the subject, but I suspect a scary nerve that come to such a place al1. There is no specific story or interaction with other characters, and details are unknown. There may be some circumstances, but if you are an interest-oriented occult fan, you will have a desire even if you are hidden.

Moreover, it is too dangerous if ghosts are actually wandering . For the time being, I decided to go on a brown-turned mountain road while tracking the paper at the feet where the operation explanation is listed.

Since there is no explanation such as this in full-length English , the specific specifications are unknown, but there is no significant significance. Perhaps because the field was so large that the field was a miniature garden, it took a long time to the signboard of the first clue, and the spirit was as early as possible because of the atmosphere that could not be attacked at any time.

This forest stage is a simple, but the mystery itself is simple. The signboard has all three locations, and I think that it will end just by going back and forth. The problem is that as I said earlier, the enemy is placed, so there is no means of attack what players should do.

There was the next generation of horror here

Regardless of the genre, some of the writers who have touched countless games have been created like a trend. It is a game logic or a game common sense.

As the game is an aggregate of the program, there are always laws and actions where enemies appear. However, from the ghosts encountered on this forest stage, I could not feel that kind of thing.

I can’t understand anything at first glance this work, but as an actual impression, I can’t identify when the enemy will appear. If you take the key, you will not be attacking from behind or waiting in a fixed place, but as if you are wandering in the same way as a player.

Perhaps because of the immature understanding, there are enemies that do not work in the usual way. If I met, I would be chased by obsession, so I was so scared that I would give up on the first stage.

Fortunately, contact judgment is narrow , and if you run and run away, you will give up and disappear, so if you get used to it, it will be quite good. Still, it was still scary to walk , so if you turn out the game sound and play while playing music, you will lose some fear.

I don’t know if the enemy of this work is really such a specification, but the ghosts of the goddess may be an advanced model that should be the standard for the next-generation horror game in the future.

The horror is now indie

This work was non-Japanese compatible , so there was almost no information. It seems that it is made quite small, but if this work is a horror game, it will not be a handicap.

In fact, there is no flashy like a large-scale IP, but the style that is inorganic and specialized in personal taste amplifies the fear al1. Horror genre, such as graphics with no real game, silent environment, and parts that lead to difficulties, are easy to create an atmosphere regardless of development scale.

This work is definitely a powerful work, and I was swallowed by the disturbing air in the game, and I sometimes felt nervous and even breathed. In that sense, I think this work satisfies the developer’s expectations, and the user may be able to get what they wanted.

Ghosts and creatures are simply scary, but the large crowds of spiders that appeared in the next stage were not enough to reject because they were resistant to the writer. I’m really not good at Sushi itself because my feelings are urban people, but I often hear that spiders often listen to Masayoshi , and Japanese ones are only small and thin types, so did they get used to it?

This is the only individual difference, so if you are absolutely impossible, you may need to think about advance and exit on this stage. However, it is also a story in the early stages in the whole, and it is thought that more diverse fear will be blocked ahead.

The number of track record is almost small at one coin price, and I think the story is short in the story, but the volume of the horror seems to be more clogged than it looks.

PHOBOS PROJECT is being distributed on Steam.

Title: PHOBOS Project
Model I played: PC (Steam)
Release date: October 24, 2022
Author play time at the time of writing: 1 hour
Price: 620 yen