How to use Netflixs discord, all the functions explained

You believe it or not, discord is not just to play; The application has produced some really ingenious tools, called bots, so that users automate several functions such as finding music or starting surveys. One of the last to reach the application is an official Netflix discord called Hey, Netflix. If you don’t mind having another bot, here are How to use Netflix’s discord and all its explained characteristics.

How to use Hey, Netflix and its functions

* Open the application directory in the configuration of your server.

On the left side, look for the icon of your server and click on the right button. Go to server configuration in the first drop-down menu, then choose Applications Directory in the second drop-down menu.

* Locate the Netflix discord.

In the search bar, write Hello Netflix and touch to enter. When it appears in the search results, select it.

* Install hello, Netflix.

Select Add the server to start the installation process. Then an emerging window will appear that will ask you to confirm. Select Continue. So you are free to decide what permits hey, Netflix. Select Authorize when ready.

* Go ahead, hey test, Netflix.

In the Discord chat, write /Netflix and answer the questions. Hello, Netflix will suggest content and, once a movie or series is chosen, a link that leads users directly to the content will appear. All who participate will need a subscription to Netflix.

It is a bit disappointing that this was not Netflix’s attempt to create a bot like Twitch parties, so don’t expect that experience. It is better to think of Hey, Netflix as a coordination tool, more than anything.

Does Netflix’s discord does it cost money?

No, Netflix One’s discord bot, Netflix doesn’t cost a single penny. It is free to download and use, even on a new server. The unfortunate news is that, as mentioned above, you and all those involved need a valid Netflix subscription.

There you have: ** How to use Netflix Discord Boy and all its functions explained. It is always worth learning to know when Netflix is fallen.

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