Closed beta test starts at Survival Horror THE OUTLAST TRIALS Steam. Participate in fear human experiments with 1 to 4 people

On October 29, the developer Red Barrels has started a closed beta test for the survival horror game The Outlast Trials . The compatible platform is PC (Steam) and will be implemented until November 1st. Steam users can request participation from the store page.

To OUTLAST TRIALS is the latest work of the survival horror game Outlast series. Set in the Cold War, players will be forced to participate in the advanced brainwashing and mind control experiment held by the company as a guinea pig abducted by a company called Murk off Corporation. Under the name of evolution, science, and profits, it is said to be thrown into a space of distrust, fear, and violence, which test morals and patience.


This work supports solo play or up to four people. Aim to achieve all experimental goals in the facilities prepared by Murk off Corporation. The basics of gameplay are, as in the past work of the Outlast series, they will hide themselves from the existence of enemies and avoid them. On the other hand, this work has tools that can enhance the stealth ability of the player, create opportunities to escape from enemies, and slow the movement of enemies. It takes some difficulties to find and strengthen such tools.

In addition, there are also elements that collect documents and items that provide illegal experiments by Murk off Corporation. In addition, this work can change the play style by selecting tools, upgrades, and Perk in correspondence to character customization. You can also change the appearance.

As mentioned earlier, based on the past works of the Outlast series, the company has expanded the range of gameplay by strengthening search elements and introducing new elements. Nevertheless, it seems that all the features of the past work, such as horror, fear, mystery, and cruel expression, have been inherited.

In the closed beta test held this time, you can try the tutorials in the early game, stage set on the police station, and character customization. Cooperation play is also possible. The content of the play is evaluated by Murk off Corporation, and there are also elements that compete with other players. In addition, online connection is required even for solo play.

To OUTLAST TRIALS is being developed for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store). The delivery time is undecided. And the closed beta test is being conducted on Steam until November 1st. You can request access from To OUTLAST TRIALS LATEST on the store page, and if you receive an invitation from the developer, you will be able to participate. Unless technical problems arise, they will invite as many players as possible.