What are runic glasses and how to use them in a new light

If you are interested in what precious stones of runic glass are in a new light, it is simple. In short, the precious stones of runic glass are a new version of precious stones that you can get by creating them from robbed untouched gems. The precious stones of runic glass will offer more bonuses and additional effects added to bonuses from untouched precious stones.

There are 14 versions of runic glasses that you can make from all 14 untouched types of precious stones. Each of these options for runic glasses offers 11 unique bonuses for a certain type of damage. This is what each option offers from the point of view of bonuses

Commissioner: * adds damage from secret magic.
lit: adds damage from combustion.
Leech: adds damage from abduction.
Frozen: * adds ice damage.
Electrified: adds damage from lighting.
Siphoning : adds a stretch of MANA.
Punishment: * adds damage in close combat.
Wood : adds damage from the forces of nature.
WHICH : adds damage to the range.
Energy: * adds energy.
Deep: * adds damage to the abyss

How to make precious stones of runic glass in a new light

For the manufacture of precious stones of runic glass in the new light, you must use level 5 table for cutting stone and is 180 level in Therefore. If you meet both requirements, you can create precious stones of runic glasses using a special case for runic glasses. The use of a certain Rune glass case will add one of the types of damage listed above.

For example, if you want runic glass to add damage in long battle, you should use vision from runic glasses. You can get cases for runic glasses for any variant of precious stones of runic glasses, creating them at the weapon station. However, before you can make range glass cases, you must have the 180th level in the weapons workshop. Nevertheless, if you have a case for runic glasses, you can make one gem of runic glasses using the following materials.

  • Untouched gem of one cut (any type)
  • One case with runic glasses
  • One gold ingot
  • Two clean solvents

How to use runic glass stones in a new light

After you create a runic stone in a new light, you can use it in the same way as any other st1. In short, click and drag the precious stone of runic glass for equipment, for example weapons as well as armor . At the same time, insert a precious stone into the object, giving you all its bonuses.

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