The Nintendo Switch Online subscription period has been extended with the apology for the Nintendo Switch Sports defect. Rare support

Nintendo announced on October 17 about a defect associated with the update of Nintendo Switch Sports . In the future, it has been announced that we will deliver update data for amendment twice. And it seems that some unusual compensation will be implemented for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

Nintendo Switch Sports is a Wii Sports for Wii released in 2006. The feature is that the player actually moves and operates using the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con sensor function. Contains a variety of sports events such as volleyball and soccer, and plays with local families and friends as well as online matches.

According to Nintendo’s announcement, there was a problem with the updated data (Very.1.2.1) for Nintendo Switch Sports distributed on October 13. The cause of the problem is that when two people started playing with a specific condition, an error related to the writing of save data occurred. Since then, the software will end regardless of the number of players. Regarding the error, Nintendo has been dealing with maintenance and suspension of save data.

What is even more interesting is the item entitled Nintendo Switch Online extension and in-game points (apology). The company tells users who are joining Nintendo Switch Online and played Nintendo Switch Sports for one week. In addition, from October 18 to November 3, it is likely that the ratio of points to be played on online mode play with people in the world will be doubled.

The occurrence and correction of unexpected problems accompanying the update is occasionally seen. However, extending the subscription period of Nintendo Switch Online, a platform service, is quite unusual compensation. It may be a unique apology for Nintendo Switch Sports that Nintendo himself works on.

Nintendo Switch Sports update data (very.1.2.2) will be distributed on October 18. Update data (very.1.2.3) will be distributed on October 20. The details of the extension of Nintendo Switch Online will be guided again later.