Nam Gung -hoon and Hong Eun -taek Kakao Muktong

From 3:30 pm on the 15th, users have been inconvenient due to KakaoTalk and Aka’s major services.

Representatives Nam Gun and Hong said, I would like to sincerely apologize to all users who are experiencing inconvenience due to KakaoTalk, Aka T, and Aka Pay due to the data center fire that occurred today. Aka is currently trying to normalize the service as soon as possible. I promise to thoroughly identify the cause of this incident and take the maximum measures to prevent recurrence.

According to the notice, the cause of the service failure was caused by a fire in SK C & C Pang yo Data Center, where Aka is located around 3:30 pm.


The two representatives said, The current fire suppression has been completed due to the rapid measures of the fire authorities, but it is difficult to supply the data center immediately for safety reasons, he said. I’m taking action to normalize.

Aka is backing up all the data in various data centers in Korea, and has a dualization system to respond to disability due to external situations, he said. It is an unusual situation that the entire data center is affected by this time.

Lastly, the two representatives said, Aka will clearly identify the cause of the fire, and deliver the cause of the accident to the data center company that is currently in the resident, and check the safety inspection and accident prevention measures once again. We will strengthen various technical recurrence measures to minimize inconvenience and to use the service as usual.

I apologize for the delay in recovery, and I will do my best to use the service as soon as possible.