How to indicate in GTA 5 online – PC, Xbox, PlayStation

GTA V Online has existed for many years and gives a lot of pleasure. There are many things, including the purchase of fast vehicles, the fight against other players and robberies. But some simple functions can also be useful, for example, indicating. This can make you ask how to indicate in GTA v Online.

GTA 5 Online-How to indicate PC, Xbox and PlayStation

The method is simple for those who watch how to bring points in GTA V Online. You can execute this command with a simple button press, i.e. Different depending on what platform you play further. You can also reassign them if you prefer another input. Here’s how to point to PC, Xbox and PlayStation in GTA 5.

PC *-B
Xbox -R3 (click twice)
Game console -R3 (click twice)


What does guidance do in GTA v Online?

In fact, there is no official use for indication, but usually the Ping method is considered. This is especially useful for players without microphones, as you can indicate in the direction of your goal and notify your teammates. You can also simply indicate things to interfere with other players, but be careful, you will not become a player who pointed to the wolf.

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