Tactics RPG Triangle Strategy Steam version is released! HD

Square Enix has released the tactics RPG Triangle Strategy for Windows PC (Steam).

This work is a PC version of the tactics RPG Triangle Strategy released in Nintendo Switch in March 2022. The SEX Asana team, who was involved in the Bravely series and Octopus Traveler, participated in the development. The story of beliefs drawn in the beautiful graphics of the HD-2D will be exciting in various elements such as the persuasion of friends, the fields with height differences, and the strategic battle such as pursuit and collaboration.

The PC version is not only the game alone, but also the character RAF painting and dot collections Triangle Strategy Design Works The Art of Triangle 2018-2022 Digest version Triangle Strategy mini-art book (digital download) Digital Deluxe Edition is also available. In addition, a bundle that is 29%off as a set with Barrier Side Life is on sale.

Triangle Strategy Steam version is on sale for 7,680 yen. The deluxe edition will be sold for 8,180 yen. GAME*Spark also lists switch version reviews and play repos, so please see them together.

*UPDATE (2022/10/14 12:10): In the original text, the part that was developed is the Bravely series, the staff of octopastraverer is changed to an accurate expression. I did it. Along with that, the headline is also adjusted. We apologize for any inconvenience to all the concerns.