Who are Becca and Izzy in Hocus Pocus 2? Answered

Focus Focus 2 is a sequel to a beloved horror movie, and finally came out. Disney presents new characters such as Becca and Izzy teenagers, who can have a connection with the magical world. Here is everything you need to know about Who are BECCA and IZZY in Focus Focus 2 .

WARNING: They will follow Focus Focus 2 spoilers.

Explanation of Becca and Izzy in Focus Focus 2

While the Sanderson sisters appear here, Becca and Izzy are the main protagonists of Focus Focus 2. Gilbert, the owner of the magic store, cheated the heroines to turn on a black flame candle and bring back the famous Aquelarre. Thanks to their friendship with Gilbert, they learned a lot about magic while growing and survived enough to defeat the Sanderson. The witches who became dust as Peter Parker were probably intentional given the ownership of Disney from Marvel.


Modern technology mixed with magic in the film added humor and contributed to the story. Most fans would not have predicted that Roomba would come to the rescue of witches aspiring a little salt (salt is not mixed with magic), or witches consuming several hygiene products in Walgreens.

That is all we have in Who are BECCA and IZZY in Focus Focus 2 . Check out some of our magical contents, such as our Focus Focus 2 review and the latest updates about a possible third focus focus movie in production.

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