Nexon, team -based FPS The Finals 29 days private test

Nixon Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Dungeon) released a new trailer video of the team-based FPS game “ The FINALS® ”, which is being developed by its subsidiary Embark Studio (CEO Patrick Her Land).

‘The Finals’ is a team-based FPS game that aims for dynamics and strategic, and at the same time, the game starts to bring a bag of money faster than the opponent, put it on the ATM device, shoot it, and increase the score, and in this process, destroyable and diversified battlefields in this process You can experience a speedy shooting game.

The new trailer video consists of scenes that show the actual play video and game characteristics of The Finals, which have not been released. In the virtual battlefield implemented as a real attraction, you can attack the enemy by using the surrounding objects, such as fire extinguishers and bombs, and see the shooting action out of the existing framework.

In addition, strategic fun can be seen, such as using the surrounding structure to protect the ATM device or defending strategic hubs with the team members. It is also possible to create a bridge between the building and the building by using the ‘Foaming Gun’, which fires a sticky material, and can play extraordinary play that defends from the ATM device around the ATM device.

To kill the enemy, you can destroy the entire building, cross the collapsed building, and enjoy the thrilling combat action. At the same time, there are also various characters from ‘Ninja’ who attacks the enemy with a sword to ‘cowboy’, which uses rocket launcher.

Meanwhile, ‘The Finals’ has been raising expectations of many global users since the release of the trailer video in Games com 2022, and is developing with PCs, PS5, and Xbox Series X | s.

More information about the new trailer video of The Finals can be found on the official YouTube channel and homepage.