Koei Pyo Hunting Action Wild Hertz, Trailer release

The trailer containing the in-game video of the new hunting action game ‘Wild Hertz’, which is being developed by developer Omega Force under Goa Techno, was released today (28th).

The trailer unveiled this time, with the monsters that the player will hunt in the Wild Hertz, you can get a glimpse of the rough in-game play elements. The monsters in Wild Hertz reminded me of the land gods in Ghibli Studio’s Monotone Him. From a huge wild boar with a thorn vine, from a wolf with a cold in the monkey of the skin like a rock, or a bird with a house. It is no exaggeration to say that it is an incarnation of nature.

In order to hunt these powerful monsters, you need to work with your own weapons as well as your colleagues, while using the unique tools that are specialized in dealing with monsters. There are three weapons that can be found on the trailer, and three of the bows and Japan. In the case of umbrellas, it was relatively in the air, and Japan was expected to hide its unique gimmicks depending on the type, as it is a whip that reminds us of the sword.

The site destruction system is also expected to exist. The change in the pattern due to the destruction of the site could not be confirmed, but the trailer can be confirmed through the destruction of a part of the monster’s body in a powerful blow. In addition, in the video, three people are hunting for monsters, so it is expected to support up to three people.

On the other hand, the trailer also confirmed the unique tools to help hunting. When a small wooden box is installed with it, it is transformed into a variety of tools and helps to hunt. You can turn into a kind of glider, avoid attacks on the ground, or turn into a huge hammer or bomb to deal with big damage, and you can bind the movement of the monster if you turn into a volley star. This is expected to require various strategy methods according to monsters.

‘Wild Hertz’ is scheduled to be released on February 17, 2023, as a PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and it is undecided.